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Juno in the Fourth Chakra

December 2016

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Lastly, we can also associate the asteroid Juno with the 4th chakra. Hera (the Greek equivalent of Juno) was the wife of Zeus, and the goddess of marriage. Aphrodite or Venus, is of course, the goddess of romantic love, which as most of us know, comes and goes. Juno, by contrast, is the goddess of the marriage vow and the marriage contract – “If you love me, prove it. I want a ring and a piece of paper. I want commitment. I want fidelity. I want until death do us part.”

The irony, of course, is that Hera and Zeus had one of the worst marriages imaginable. Zeus was constantly cheating on Hera, and Hera was quite ingenious at getting revenge, and at manipulating her husband to get what she wanted. She did not play nice, and neither did he.

So even though Hera can bring a certain stability to a 4th chakra process with an intimate partner, it can also be an indication of complications. Ultimately, I believe at its highest possible expression, it presides over the hieros gamos, or rather provides the container of commitment and stability, in which the hieros gamos can take place, especially if Neptune is also involved in some way. But on the way to the hieros gamos, Juno also tests us with every imaginable challenge.

As I wrote about in my book Tracking the Soul, using Bill Clinton as my 4th chakra case study, the whole Monica Lewinsky episode – which was just the tip of a much bigger iceberg – was implicated in Bill Clinton’s chart where he has Mars, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter and Juno all in Libra in his 1st house. In many ways, Bill and Hillary were playing out the Zeus and Hera script. Often in 4th chakra patterns where Jupiter and Juno are both involved, fidelity is an issue. As in most cases involving Juno, even though the hieros gamos is there as a potential, you’ve got to earn it and prove yourself worthy, and you can generally rest assured, you will be tested.

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