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Into the Realm of the Gods

June 2010

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Blog Posts

In this series of posts, I have followed the trail of symbols from known to unknown, from a difficult natal aspect to a more instinctual realm where animal totems become the guides for approaching a difficult aspect in way that honors natural law. Natural law itself evolves out of a deeper awareness of the sacred nature of all life, and it is in this awareness that an astropoetic approach to astrology is rooted.

What this means in practice is that any difficult aspect in a natal birthchart, and indeed the entire birthchart itself, can be understood as an elaborate invitation to become more god-like in our way of being – to follow in the footsteps of a god or goddess, and in modeling ourselves after divinity to become an embodiment of the sacred. From this perspective, everything within a birthchart that we find difficult is merely the catalyst to a process of growth in consciousness, which we are free to heed or not, but which we ultimately ignore at our peril and ultimately the peril of the planet. When we take the call to consciousness seriously, then we gravitate into the realm of the gods, where our merely human lives serve the well-being of the Whole.

It is toward this end, that we will track the wolves and their raven companions a bit further into the unconscious story behind the symbolism of a seemingly innocent natal Mercury-Mars square. Again, quoting from The Seven Gates (pp. 368-372):

This is the last post in this series.

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