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Milky Way

Calling All Dreamers

April 2014

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Blog Posts

In this series of blog posts, I wish to explore the role that dreams may potentially play in the evolution of our vision. Most creative enterprises begin with a dream, and yet the reality of the dreamtime out of which the dream emerges is rarely acknowledged. Most of us take credit for what at best is really only partially ours. Yet, if we are honest with ourselves, we cannot truly say where our best ideas come from, or how exactly they evolve into what we shape them to be. At Yggdrasil, we want to become more conscious about the source of our creative ideas and cultivate a more intentional partnership with the dreamtime. In this blog series, I explore this possibility and invite you to join us in a grand adventure.

The first post in this series is Crossing the Bridge Between Waking State and Dreamtime.

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