Astrology and the Archetypal Power

of Numbers, Part One


Table of Contents

About the Author



A Word to Non-Astrologers and Skeptics 
The Seven Gates of Soul  
Tracking the Soul With An Astrology of Consciousness   
Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers 


Astrology as a Dakini Language of Number  
The Source of Esoteric Knowledge About Number   
My Personal Quest For a Deeper Understanding of Number  
From Control to Conscious Alignment With Natural Law  
Numbers As the Gateway to an Understanding of Multidimensionality  
The Journey Begins 

Chapter Zero: Into the Abyss  

The Myth of Orpheus  
Into the Depth of the Abyss   
Our Shared History in the Abyss   
Psychological Strategies for Coping With the Abyss   
The Abyss as a Catalyst to a Shift in Consciousness   
The Power of An Open Heart   
Turning the Other Cheek 
The Power of Forgiveness   
The Power of Non-Attachment  
Seeing Life in the Realm of Zero as Sunyata  
The Way of the Fool   

Chapter One: Into Being   

God as Projection  
The Projection of God as a Call to Consciousness  
The Projection of God as the Embodiment of Our Strategy for Dealing With the Abyss   
Types of Creation Myths   
Looking Beyond the Projection of God to Its Source in the One   
Harnessing the Power of Consciousness to Illuminate the Realm of Zero   
Taking Responsibility for the Light   
Choosing Our God as a Pathway to Becoming   
Following in the Footsteps of a God 
The Story of My Choice  

Chapter Two: Into Soul Space   

Consciousness as a Play of Opposites   
Two As an Echo of the Abyss 
Two As the Embodiment of the Shadow   
Two as the Gateway to the Fall   
Two as the Embodiment of Feminine Power  
Our Collective Need for the Balancing Medicine of the Feminine  
The Relationship Between the Realm of Two and the Second Chakra    
The Relationship Between the Realm of Two and the Fourth Chakra   

Chapter Three: Into Conscious Power 

Three As the Essence of Order   
Three and the Power of Consciousness  
A Personal Example of Resonance By Contrast in the Realm of Three 
The Possibility for Mitigation of Excess in the Realm of Three  
The Realm of Three and the Potential For Changing Collective Awareness  
Wisdom, Denial and the Terrible Plunge Back into the Abyss  
The Sad Fate of Truth on a Path of Inequality in the Realm of Three  
Three and the Power of Mediation  
Three and the Resolution of Conflict on the Path of Inequality  
Three and the Impetus Toward Creative Synthesis on the Path of Equality 
Three as a Catalyst to Growth  
The Realm of Three and the Integration of the Third and Sixth Chakras   

Chapter Four: Into Manifestation 

The Tetraktys and the Ascent to the One   
Four and the Construction of the Physical Universe   
The Four Elements   
Phase One: The Opportunity for Awakening   
Phase Two: Purification By Wounding  
Phrase Three: Illumination Through Elemental Alchemy 
Secondary Elements  
Phase Four: Union With the One  
Following a Personal Path Through the Realm Four  
The Realm of Four as a Horizontal Compass  
Navigating the Medicine Wheel  
The Medicine Wheel and the Elements   
The Implications of Realm of Four Dynamics Within the Chakra System 

Chapter Five: Into Life 

The Realm of Five and Consciousness   
The Realm of Five and Participation Mystique   
Consciousness and the Implicate Order 
The Implicate Order and the Gaia Hypothesis   
The Anthropic Principle and the Participatory Universe  
Intelligent Design Revisited 
Astrology as a Language of Intelligent Design   
Divine Intelligence and Human Civilization  
A Brief History of Natural Law 
An Example of Culture Informed by Natural Law – The Maya  
An Example of Culture Threatened by a Breakdown in Natural Law  – 21st Century America   
The Creation Myth Behind American Democracy and Its Original Alignment With Natural Law 
America’s Departure from Natural Law  
Natural Law and Consciousness   
Return to Observation of Natural Law   
The Implications of the Realm of Five Within the Chakra System 
Magic – White and Black  

Chapter Six: Soul Work, Healing, and the Quest for Wholeness  

The Realm of Six and Soul Work   
My Descent into the Abyss  
Discovering Odin As a Pathway through the Abyss to the Realm of One 
Following Odin Into the Realm of Two 
Following Odin Into the Realm of Three  
Following Odin Into the Realm of Four  
Following Odin Into the Realm of Five  
Following Odin Into the Realm of Six  
Wandering Southwest in the Footsteps of Odin   
Odin’s Welcome  
Bringing the West Into the South  
Bringing the South Into the West  

Chapter Seven: Creativity, Initiation, and the Pivot Point of Change  

Seven and the Emergence of True Creativity  
The Creative Power of the Complex Personality   
The Creative Power of Unmoderated Extremes  
Creativity and the Channeling of Divinity  
Creativity and Non-Intervention  
Creativity and Body Wisdom   
The Cost of Failure to Enter the Realm of Seven 
The Realm of Seven and Spiritual Initiation
Initiation as Participation Mystique  
The Realm of Seven and the Necessity for Collective Initiation
The Realm of Seven and the Pivot Point of Change 
The Implications of the Realm of Seven Within the Chakra System

Chapter Eight: The Wisdom of the Serpent   

The Realm of Eight and Harmony 
The Myth of Cadmus and Harmonia
The Realm of Eight and the Reclaimed Wisdom of the Serpent  
The Realm of Eight and the Mystery of the Caduceus 
The Realm of Eight and the Cyclical Power of Legacy  
The Wisdom to be Harvested Through Awareness of Planetary Cycles  
Sifting Through Planetary Cycles For Wisdom in the Realm of Eight 
The Nodal Cycle and the Wisdom of the Serpent  
The Wisdom to be Harvested Through Awareness of Eclipse Cycles  
The Wisdom of the Serpent and the Practice of Recapitulation 
Astrological Recapitulation  
Entering the Realm of Eight Collectively  
The Implications of Realm of Eight Within the Chakra System  

Chapter Nine: Fate and the Portal Between Dimensions  

The Realm of Nine and Fate  
The Arithmological Power of the Square 
The Realm of Nine and the Morai  
The Weaving of the Thread  
Fate as the Natural Condition of the Embodied Soul  
Measuring the Thread 
Cutting the Thread 
The Mythological Origins of Fate  
Fate as an Invitation to Conscious Embodiment  
A Personal Encounter With Fate
Fate and the Chakra System  
Fate as a Cyclical Opportunity for Growth  
The Threads of Fate Weaving Through the Vietnam Era 
The Historical Consequences of Our Collective Insistence on Inequality  
The Hand of Fate in the Early Obama Era  
Our Difficult Passage Through the Realm of Nine in the Years Immediately Ahead   
The Cutting of the Thread of Fate and the End of the Mayan Calendar 
Nine as a Portal to Other Dimensions  
Nine as the Ever-present Opening to the Magic Body  
A Personal Celebration of the Magic Body  

Chapter Ten: The Principles of Arithmology

Types of Number  
Portrayal of Numbers as Arrays of Dots   
Generation By Combination  
Sequences of Numbers 
The Lambda and the Tetraktys  
Using the Tetraktys to Read the Harmonies of Soul   
An Arithmological Analysis of the Tetraktys   
Extending From Plato’s Lambda  
My Contemporary Reformulation of the Lambda 
The Musical Correlates of Number
Harmony and Disharmony  
Platonic Solids   
Sacred Geometry  
Arithmological Sequences in Nature  
The Numbers and the Gods  


Back Matter


The Chakras   
The Number Realms  
The Chakras and the Number Realms  

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