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For Readers

Ancient Tower Press is eager to cultivate an intimate relationship with its readers.  Without you, the circle that connects the author and the reader is incomplete. In your absence, the ancient tower languishes among the tall grass and weeds of abandonment.  Because Ancient Tower Press exists for you and depends upon you to fulfill its reason to be, each book is my personal invitation to you to join me in my ongoing celebration of the sacred mysteries.

If you are inspired, provoked, annoyed, enlightened, disturbed, released, transformed, devastated, redeemed or liberated by my books, I want to hear from you.  If you have questions for me, just ask.  If you have feedback, please share it with me.  If you have a story to tell, I’ll listen.  Although  I am always busy with the next project, I will make every attempt to respond to you in a timely fashion, and engage you in as much of a dialogue as seems to want to emerge from our interaction.

If you want to start a conversation, mail me here.

How to Continue the Adventure

Subscribe to my free tri-annual newsletter: Subscribers will receive advance notice of new books, courses, workshops and other offerings, along with discounts and informative articles available nowhere else.  Archived copies of past newsletters are available here (goes to READ: Newsletters).

Read a free article or blog post:  If you like the book you just read, I have plenty of free articles (goes to READ: Articles) and blog posts (goes to READ: Blog Posts) on this website that you are welcome to explore at your leisure.

Read another book: Check out our complete book catalog for other good reads.

Write a reader's book review: If you feel inspired to write a review, and I in turn am inspired to share it with my circle of readers, I will refund the purchase price of your book, or give you credit toward the next one.

Start a reader's study group: Use one of our handy reader's guides (goes to READ: Books: Reader's Guides) as a point of departure for discussion with your friends, or others in your area interested in our books.  Or register for an online discussion group via Zoom.

Join a Study Group

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Schedule a consultation: If you want to see how the ideas in my books, articles and blog posts apply to you personally, you can read more about the range of consultation options I offer here.

Study Astropoetics: If you find my ideas useful and want to explore them in more depth, I will invite you to join The Astropoetic School of Soul-Discovery, where you can apply the ideas introduced in my books to a self-reflective study of your life.  Aside from one-on-one personal attention with me, you will be joining a circle of students, all engaged in the same pursuit of self-knowledge and self-healing.  You can read more about my courses - for beginners, intermediate and advanced students - here.

Attend a workshop: To integrate the ideas presented in my books and courses on a deeper, more experiential level, there is nothing like a workshop, where joining with others of shared intent creates a sacred space in which transformational magic can happen.  To read more about the menu of workshops I offer for astrologers and non-astrologers, go here.


Sponsor a Workshop: If you have a specific interest in some particular aspect of my work, I may also invite you to sponsor an Astropoetic School workshop in your area.  Sponsors receive free attendance to the workshop, plus 10% of the net profits after expenses.  If you are interested in discussing the possibilities, contact me first via email.

Exchange Website Links: If I like what you are doing, I will post a link from my weblog to yours.  If this is of interest to you, email me here with your URL, and I will get back to you.

I am also open to other possibilities for engaging you, the reader, in an ongoing relationship.  Let me know your ideas for furthering your experience of my books.  The books themselves are merely meant to be a portal into a more intensive experience of immersion in the sacred mysteries.

If you want to start a conversation, mail me here.

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