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The Astropoetic School

of Soul Discovery

in conjunction with Full Moon Sanctuary


My partner Anyaa McAndrew and I are available to work privately with individuals and couples. Anyaa is an accomplished psychotherapist, shamanic astrologer, and ordained priestess with an extraordinary set of skills that nicely complements my own.  In our work we use a variety of modalities to identify and clear patterns, customizing our approach for each intensive. 


Each intensive will include a Chakra Pattern Overview and Chakra Pattern Exploration for each participant, as well as a Chakra Pattern Overview for Couples during a couple's intensive.

We are available for 3-day minimum personal intensives or 5-day minimum couples intensives at Isis Cove in the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina (an hour from Asheville). 

Exploring, clearing and healing while deeply relaxing, unwinding and de-stressing offer the best opportunity to shift into new ways of being that hold once you  re-enter your life. The Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina are beautiful in all seasons, and our beautiful, sustainable, round 2-story home with hot tub and nature surrounding us, afford beautiful views and a setting perfect for self-reinvention. The surrounding areas offer hiking and sight-seeing.

We offer deliciously prepared organic food, some grown in our own gardens, and our guests feel at home and comfortable. Or, we can also house you in a private nearby cottage with full amenities, and a short walk to Full Moon Sanctuary where the in-depth sessions happen.


Fees are dependent on the kind of work we do, and the number of days you stay with us, and include all meals, lodging, and the intensive itself.


P. H., Dover NH: My wife and I attended a 3-day intensive workshop with Anyaa and Joe to rekindle our relationship, and to help us to build a path forward in our life together. After 30 years of marriage, we were seeking seasoned experts to help us break some old patterns of conflict, and find our true connections again. We stayed at Anyaa and Joe’s house in North Carolina during our sessions. Their home is a picturesque setting in the Smokey Mountains with fabulous views. This arrangement provides a very nurturing environment which allows guests to absorb the interactions during the daily therapy sessions, without the need to travel each day. All the meals prepared were fabulous, with an emphasis on farm-to-table and very healthy dishes. There was never a feeling of being rushed. The counseling sessions were clearly structured uniquely for us. There was never a feeling of going through a “canned” program. In fact, Anyaa and Joe adapted our sessions to deal with a specific issue that came up our first day. They performed as a well-coordinated team, performing individual sessions with each partner, then re-grouping to delve deeper into uncovered issues. I view this approach as highly effective. In summary, I would highly recommend Anyaa and Joe for improving or rekindling any relationship.

R. H., Louisville, KY: Thank you for the loving supportive space you held during my personal intensive with you.  I immediately felt the compassionate, safe, wise and nurturing environment you created for me. I loved how flexible you were and the fun yet serious intensive schedule you created to best support me and my transformation.  One of the biggest gifts to my healing process was simply how sincere, kind and loving you were to me. I laugh when I think about one night after dinner Joe looks at me and asked if I needed anything and my reply was yes, “I need a hug”. I think that surprised him, but he generously gifted me with a hug. And our nightly TV watching which magically fit the theme I had been working on for the day. Wow, Amazing. 


A few big takeaways for me was the feeling of what it felt like to be loved unconditionally and treated like family. As I have had a lifetime of family woundings and abandonment the whole experience helped heal that wound. A beautiful shift I have seen in the short time since being home is my ability to empower my imagination for the light and for positive creations. I simply am able to choose and flow with this much easier than before my intensive. I credit this to all the work we did around fearing the dark as well as the other empowering processes we did. I have also noticed a shift in my ability to be more present. I’m so grateful for the whole experience and look forward to my continued transformation and embodiment.

D. W., Chapel Hill, NC: Good morning! I just wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking about the personal intensive I did with you and Joe, and I SO enjoyed our time together in your wonderful home, and my journey continues with lots and lots of ups and downs, many break throughs, break downs, and break out behavior. The trickle-down effect of our work together has resulted in phenomenal SELF-understanding. I’ve had SHOCKING sudden epiphanies, and now lovingly and a bit joyfully, look at myself. The REAL breakthrough is LOVING myself, KNOWING I am/have been all of it! It’s very liberating. Please tell Joe he’s right about so much of what we talked about. Doing this work was one of the very best things EVER.


K. S., Boulder, CO: Five stars! Working with Joe and Anyaa has been delightful. I was a skeptic at first as this sort of thing is a bit woo woo for a rational, scientific guy like me. And I was pleasantly surprised at the insight and wisdom that I received every day from Joe. Anyaa followed up each day with breathwork, past life regression, and an Enneagram, which dovetailed nicely with the work I was doing with Joe. And if you have the pleasure of dining with them, know that Anyaa makes delicious food that’s really good for you. I enjoyed working with them so much, I invited them to come to stay at our home and have Joe work with my wife, while Anyaa taught us about sexual healing as a couple, and provided some well-timed EMDR therapy for my wife. These are caring, loving, and highly professional practitioners, and I highly recommend them.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic,

all intensives are currently on hold for the remainder of 2020.


Please email us of your interest. 

We will arrange a free 30-minute conversation to talk about your needs

and design a custom intensive package just for you.

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