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I am a working astrologer of nearly 50 years’ experience.  Trained as a humanistic psychotherapist in the 1970s, I have since woven a personal and professional exploration of spiritual teachings from a wide range of sources into my work with countless individuals.  The author of 5 books and numerous articles, I have taught workshops and webinar classes for astrologers and non-astrologers, lectured at conferences, and shared my work with friends, colleagues, clients and students around the world.


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My Latest Book

The Pythagoreans understood numbers to infuse the world with Divine Intelligence.  I explored and expanded these ideas in Part One of this two-volume series.  In Part Two, I show how the spiritual psychology of numbers – as understood by the Pythagoreans – is reflected astrologically within the charts of dozens of individual case studies and world events.


an impressive intellectual tour de force

Steven Forrest, author of The Book of Earth: Making it Real


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Astrology can be helpful in approaching life's challenges with greater awareness, I am available for private consultations.  My approach combines professional training in psychological counseling with nearly 50 years experience as a working astrologer.


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Courses, Webinars & Workshops

If you are interested in learning more about astrology, I have courses and webinar classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced students.  The focus of these courses is not professional training in the practice of astrology, but rather an opportunity for astrologers and non-astrologers alike to acquire and cultivate new tools for self-reflection and personal growth.


I also facilitate a series of workshops, designed to help those in my courses and webinar classes to integrate what they are learning in experiential ways, and to share their enthusiasm for the work with other students.


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I am always very inspired and challenged (in the best sense of the word) by your lessons.  Your thought-provoking insights and assignments have provided me with more self-understanding and self-affirmation in just a few lessons than years of reading self-help books.L.F., Golden Bridges, NY


I wept with joy and deep gratitude as I read your words and I’ve read them several times since, savoring your beautiful writing and loving your understanding of me.  Your lessons are helping me understand myself more deeply.  I am truly grateful for this gift.S.K., Durham, NC


Joe, I feel so grateful for these lessons and what I am learning.  You are definitely a “gifted medicine man.”  Your sacred work is a goldmine of spiritual wisdom.S.G., New Westminster, British Columbia

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