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Blog Posts

The Sky is My Mirror


Astrology and Science


Why Astrology is Not a Science

Two Problems with the Scientific Validation of Astrology

Science Demands Objective Truth - Astrology Yields Subjective Truth

Astrological Symbols Vary with Context and Consciousness

The Participatory Experience of Astrology is Not Predictable by Science

Astrology Facilitates a Quest for Meaning that Science Can't Recognize

Qualitative Time and Non-Causal Phenomena in Astrology Have No Place in Science

Astrology: If Not Science, Then What?

Astropoetics in Practice

Why a Reading is of Limited Value


The Cyclical History


Astrology, Dreams and Animal Totems


Animal Symbiosis as a Model for Approaching Difficult Astrological Aspects


 Into the Realm of the Gods


Astrological Recapitulation

The Birthchart as a Portal to Ongoing Self-Reflection

The Mutability of Fate

The Birthchart as a Template of Cycles

Exploring the Birthchart as a Template for Lifelong Learning

Harvesting the Wisdom of a Life as a True Gift to the World

Using the Cyclical History as a Point of Entry Into Astrological Recapitulation

Bringing Second Attention to the Story

Reaping the Harvest


Tracking the Soul

The Soul

Astrology as a Tracking Device

Supplementing Astrology with the Chakra System

The Chakra System Reconsidered

The Planets Involvement in the Astro-Chakra System

The Chakra Signatures

House Placements of Planetary Patterns

House Placement By Chakra

What to Do with the System

A Real-Life Example

The Tracking the Soul Workshop

The Heart of the Matter: Healing and the Fourth Chakra

Focused Awareness

Unconditional Self-Acceptance

The Role of the Sun in a Healing of the Heart

The Role of the Moon in a Healing of the Heart

The Role of Venus in a Healing of the Heart

The Role of Mars in a Healing of the Heart

Fourth Chakra Patterns on a Sun-Moon Base

Other Sun-Based Fourth Chakra Patterns

Fourth Chakra Patterns on a Moon-Venus Base

Other Fourth Chakra Patterns

Outer Planets and the Fourth Chakra

Jupiter in the Fourth Chakra

Neptune in the Fourth Chakra

Juno in the Fourth Chakra


Calling All Dreamers

Crossing the Bridge Between Waking State and Dreamtime


Entering the Imaginal Realm


The Dual Reality of Dream Characters

The Intertwining of Dream and Waking Lives

The Possibility of Liberation in Non-Linear Dreamtime


The Dreaming World

The Urgency of Our Conversation Across the Dreamtime Boundary

An Invitation to Yggdrasil’s Dream Council


Into a Mars-Pluto Portal


Looking for the Sacred Activist Within

A Dialogue About Violence


My Chronic Mars-Pluto Angst


My Personal Mars-Pluto Story

Putting Your Question to the World


Taking Out Your Teeth Going Into Battle


Falling Down Into the Bottomless Well of Compassion

Questing for Common Ground

From Violence to Compassionate Strength


Ceres, Climate Change and the Bardo State

The Age of Ceres

Ceres and Climate Change

The Mythology of Ceres Revisited

Ceres and the Bardo State

Entering the Hungry Ghost Realms

The High Cost of Our Refusal to Change


Ceres, PTSD, and Suicide


The Power to Transmute Tumultuous Emotions

Bonus Posts

Ceres and the Battle Over GMOs

Ceres, Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder

Agriculture, Climate Change, and World Hunger

Ceres and the Opportunity for Empowerment in the Face of Crisis

Ceres, the Eleusinian Mysteries, and Spirit Plant Medicine

Chipping Away


Living in a Broken World

The Perpetual Quest for the Final Chip

Inviting the Intention at the Heart of Your Story to Dance

Turning Your Confusion into an Authentic Art Form


Seeking Sacred Balance

A Culture of Willful Ignorance


Generation Lost


A World Built on Duality


Rebalancing the Wounded Masculine


Balancing the Archetypal Masculine and Feminine


The Biology of the Archetypal Masculine


The Biology of the Archetypal Feminine


My Own Story


The Sacred Balance Workshop


The Lost Art of Communication

Across the Great Divide

Communication – the Quest for Common Ground

Seeking Mutual Well-Being


Emotional Vulnerability

Cultivating Authenticity

Dropping the Mask

Peeling Back the Veils

Facing the Unknown

The Limitation of Communication Techniques

The Quest for Common Language

The Quest for Right Relationship

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