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General Comments



M. H., Seattle, WA: Thank you for this incredible and absolutely stunning body of work you have shared with the world, I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon it.


M. T., Huntington Beach, CA: Thank you for taking this kind of time to write to me!  ‘Rare’ and unexpected.  I’m truly touched by the time and thoughtfulness in your writings.





S. W., Epsom, Surrey, England: I met Joe when I was exploring whether and how to reshape my psychotherapy practice following the forced stuckness of Covid. Since then, I’ve found working with him to be so worthwhile. He’s extremely challenging and also highly supportive. He’s funny and kind, also sharp and pointed. He’s learned and wise which so are not the same thing. We never quite know how a session is going to go, and that’s exciting. He’s real and doesn’t hide, which is encouraging me to do the same both with him and in my practice, as I pursue my new direction. 

J. B., Red Bank, NJ: I reached out to Joe for astrological guidance on navigating a confusing, transitional phase in my life.  But there was no way I could have anticipated the profoundly insightful, spiritually-rich adventure I was signing up for. Less than a year later, I’m forging a new path in my career; my sense of identity feels expanded and more dynamic; and my everyday life is imbued with a newfound sense of meaning, excitement, and an indescribable reverence for the mystery of life and my place within it.  Working with Joe isn’t for the faint of heart.  He’s wiser than Yoda and Gandalf combined, and what you’ll learn about yourself on this journey can (and will!) call you to adventure. I suspect it’s nearly impossible to embark on this exploration together with Joe, and not create unbelievable magic in your life. 

J. H., Jefferson CIty, MO: You did an astrological chart for me in July, 1983. Occasionally, I reread it and am amazed at how accurate it is now that I can look back over the intervening 40 years. I also wonder how much it influenced me to follow the various paths I've travelled?? You did a chart for my niece and nephew around that same time. My nephew at 35 just found his chart and was absolutely blown away by how he has become exactly what you describe. He is not the type to believe in astrology so it's befuddling to him!! 

B. F., Rockland, ME: With your unfailing support and insights, my inner sense of a harsh, barren landscape has become lush and nuanced, with new paths to explore and always just around the corner glimpses of what before was invisible.


A. G., Westlake, OH: Working with you on my Chakra Pattern Overview and Exploration has been fascinating and eye-opening. With tact and expertise, you led the in-depth exploration of one of my chart patterns, helping me understand the energies involved, how this pattern played out throughout my life, and how it is currently triggered. The entire experience helped me to embark on a new life path, able to utilize consciously the planetary energies of my birth chart. Thank you, Joe for these wonderful sessions.


C. M., Sandia Park, NM: Joe! Your reading was fabulous, and speaks to so much.  You "got it." I love you for being so intuitive and knowledgeable.  What a gift!


D. M., Vashon, WA: Thank you so much for your wisdom and skillful presentation of the numinous.


E. P., Stanley, NM: Thank you so much Joe.  Your work is so beautiful.  I am so grateful for your dedication and sensitivity and the palpable love pouring through your work.  What a blessing you have given me.


J. W., Portland, ME: I am very grateful for your expertise.  I am slowly digesting and enjoying your work with me, first from my phone notes, then from what you sent, which is invaluable.  I find the material is working with me in between readings, and at night in dreams, too.  It's fascinating that it both confirms deeper stirrings I've felt and offers extensions of them into the future.


J. W., Santa Monica, CA: Thanks so much for our session.  I always enjoy your insights and reflections.  This one really helped me to clarify some important things, and helped me affirm the direction in which I'm heading.


D. B., Drury, MO: This is incredible, Joe.  I can't thank you enough.  I really, really like and appreciate this information.  Putting words to the feeling and shape of things.  Welcome guidelines.  Very, very useful and supportive.


N. E., St, Louis, MO: Thank you for spending time with me yesterday and making me feel very welcome and comfortable.  I feel very full this morning – full of myself.  I remember you saying that no one is going to give me permission to be the me I am – except you did that for me yesterday.  So, thanks for your ability to share what you sense, what you know, what you feel about me – thanks for being as clear as you were.  I know this is a watershed moment for me.


S. S., West Stockbridge, MA: Your unique approach to astrology has helped me discover the core issues that stand in the way of the full expression of my beingness. Your consultation, and the brilliantly written notes that are included with it, zero in on what years in therapy or self-realization workshops have tended to dance around.  Although your medium is astrology, your message is easy to understood by anyone who is honestly interested in finding out who they really are and why. I read your notes to my therapist and he smiled in agreement.  All the pages of wisdom you just sent me will keep me busy for a while.  The writing and observations are intensely profound.  You are still the world’s best astrologer!

L. C., Bacliff, TX: I had a chakra birth chart reading with Joe. The report that he sent me and subsequent talk knocked my socks off. It was an incredibly in depth and accurate account of my life. The report reveals the root of the difficulties I have faced and suggests ways to overcome the propensity I have had to go against the grain of my 2nd chakra profile and my resulting health issues. The report gave me great hope in how I can re-write my story to align with my soul’s purpose. I highly recommend that others partake in the magic of a reading by Joe. He is nothing short of a genius!


W. M., Santa Fe, NM: Amazing . . . I'm speechless.  I feel like you just read my whole life to me, the deeper story.  I am so grateful, Joe.  I will read again and reflect, absorb . . . some time is needed . . . I appreciate the depth of your beingness and your skills.

To read more about my consultations, go here.



P. S., London, England:  I’d like to say how deeply I value your course, particularly the personalized work that we do.  Your approach makes the study that much more intimate, absorbing, and meaningful. You’re the best astrologer that I know of, and I know some good ones!!


P. B., Santa Barbara, CA:  I LOVE your lessons!  I have been telling all of my astrology buddies about your course and how much I look forward to each lesson.  It’s so interesting and helpful working on my own chart, and you are very encouraging and adaptable to my personal needs.


S. K., Durham, NC:  I wept with joy and deep gratitude as I read your words and I’ve read them several times since, savoring your beautiful writing and loving your understanding of me.  Your lessons are helping me understand myself more deeply.  I am truly grateful for this gift.


L. U., Canutillo, TX:  Thank you, thank you, for your seemingly unorthodox response to my last personal lesson.  You saw me out on a limb and you went out on one for me, and your remarks were full of light and wisdom – inspired.  What wonderful intuition you have, and the heart and bravery to see it through.  There is not a single thing in your response that I would take amiss.  I will ponder these things for a long time and yes, try to have some fun while doing so.  It’s so great that I can express a need and you can meet it without either of us getting swamped in the more clichéd dynamic, maybe a kind of co-dependency, that can arise between one seeking help and one giving it.  I never would have asked you for comfort but, among a lot of other things, that’s what your response gave me, challenging as it is.  So I’ll carry on and will keep you posted.  I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate the gift you have sent me and your gifts in general.


K. E., Tucson, AZ:  Please know that your lessons, your teaching, the amazing sharing of the workshop – all of it – was and has been very fine, deep, and rich – I am so glad I was able to be there.


D. F., Everett, WA:  Your insights and comments always hit home and touch my soul, making me feel seen, heard and understood - a rare thing in this world.


C. B., Burne Lake, British Columbia:  I can count on the fingers of one hand those teachers that have allowed me, when the urge hits, to take the bit between my teeth and run – sometimes in more directions than one at the same time.  They have been among the lights in my life and I thank you for being one of them.


M. B., Fair Oaks, CA:  Joe, my gratitude again for a most helpful and provocative lesson.  I admire your ability to work so deeply and incisively with the symbols.  You are an inspiring model of the enormous potential of the work.


L. S., Austin, TX:  I deeply appreciate the depth and subtlety with which you approach astrology.  It is quite nourishing to me.


N. K., Framingham, MA:  The lessons are great.  Your understanding of the processes and cycles and your ability to communicate that awareness in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way is very special.  I’m honored to be working with you.


N. A., Tokyo, Japan: As soon as I’ve sent off my homework to you, I start haunting the postman every day looking for your reply, dying for the next lesson.


L. F., Golden Bridges, NY:  I am always very inspired and challenged (in the best sense of the word) by your lessons.  Your thought-provoking insights and assignments have provided me with more self-understanding and self-affirmation in just a few lessons than years of reading self-help books.


B. H., Eureka Springs, AR:  This course has given me the most in-depth understanding of myself and my chart that I have had in 20 years of studying astrology.


M. L., Boynton Beach, FL:  I've gleaned from so many intense years of introspective study under your tutelage.  It enlightens me still.  I feel blessed that our paths have crossed.  Keep doing what you do, for the insight you share is priceless!


N. B., Cleveland, OH:  Thanks again, Joe for being the teacher that you are.  I have learned so much more in completing these lessons than what I had originally set out to learn.  I have come to view your course as an important part of my evolutionary journey.


S. G., New Westminster, British Columbia:  Joe, I feel so grateful for these lessons and what I am learning.  You are definitely a “gifted medicine man.”  Your sacred work is a goldmine of spiritual wisdom. -


A. C., Staten Island, NY:  You have been such a great mentor to me, & I mean way beyond the scope of astrology, you have helped me learn how to live . . . Everyone should be fortunate enough to have someone like you as a guide & tutor.


M. H., Republic, MO:  I have a tendency to not always open up, but in these lessons, I’ve been able to just say what I’m thinking.  It’s been interesting, because I don’t think I’ve been able to have that kind of transparency before.


M. A, Columbia Station, OH:  I continue to be impacted by your teachings, many years after studying with you.  You have the uncanny ability to see through the mask of an individual and gently prod them onto a deeper, more relevant and profound exploration of their chart symbolism.  You are a genuine spiritual seeker, as well as a gifted writer and astrologer of the highest moral caliber.  You are a master of the art of astropoetic interpretation with the ability to skillfully interrelate mind and body, heart and soul into your teachings, which you pursue with passion.  On this uncertain journey towards a deeper understanding of the meaning of life, I think you are as close to a genuine teacher as one can get!


S. F., Marshfield, England: Now into the third year of your course, I'm astonished at the richness and depth of the poetic language of astrology I've been introduced to. It's like learning Italian and having unique access to a new and vibrant culture. In this case, it's the history and culture of my own life that has become an intriguing terrain to explore and develop.  I can't imagine a more perceptive, inspiring and challenging guide. And I doubt that there is a more personalized and self-empowering way to study astrology out there.  Thank you for turning those strange symbols and my own birth signature into a creative artform.


J. F., Thiensville, WI: I was deeply impressed not only with your level of astrological/metaphysical understanding, the system that you have birthed into form, but also your ability to assist me in gaining self-knowledge through weaving astrological cycles and personal history into a meaningful tapestry, rather than a tangled, incomprehensible mess of knots and threads.  I've been a participant in many 'webinar workshops,' but I've never experienced the level of thoughtfulness and depth that is reflected in each of your emails. It's really beautiful.  So, thank you.


A. M., Whittier, NC: I appreciate your wisdom, your patience, your compassion and your creativity!


L. M. Ottawa, Ontario: Joe, what I so appreciate about you is your ability to be serious when needed and also absolutely able to play and be a young teenager as well.


C. T., Almonte, Ontario: Joe, I appreciate your dedication to your work, your ability to see the core of others’ truth, and to synthesize essence.  Your discernment – and ultimately your profound caring for humanity – are gifts you give with love.


M. B., Great Barrington, MA: Joe, I appreciate your commitment to growth and learning.  Your perseverance and willingness to go the distance and put yourself out there is admirable.


J. Y., Almonte, Ontario: It is lovely to see you in transformation and radiating a new joy – all of this to add to your patient work to help people in these times of profound change, understanding how change really happens and pulling no punches.  Very important work.


M. D., Ottawa, Ontario: Joe, your ability to listen and reflect back what you hear is astounding.  Thank you for your insights and acute sense of humor


To read more about my courses, go here.



A. S., Almonte, Ontario: WOW - what a wonderful retreat we had!  To spend quality time together with such an exceptional bunch of people was a real treat to me.  I thank you for all your hard work and efforts of putting together all the modules which I feel flowed effortlessly.  It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet you in person, Joe! Somehow it felt like I was meeting an old friend from a distant past!


C. T. Almonte, Ontario: I feel I have shed a massive burden and now view my life – and others in it – with fresh, clearer perception.  I am deeply grateful for this experience.  I know that much of the change is permanent, that my life is irrevocably altered – past, present and future.


N. K., Willow Springs, MO: I was awed both by how vulnerable everyone was and how close that brought us together.  The varied experiences were unique and took me inside myself in a new way.


L. L., Luxembourg City, Luxembourg: You are an inspiration with your humor and “non-directive” facilitation.  Your capacity to encourage and inspire me helped me to get the most from this workshop.  I felt a subtle sense of being more anchored inside myself . . . Through this workshop, a little bit of my fear of being on this Earth was lifted.


J. D., San Antonio, TX: This has been one of the most genuine experiences I’ve had because of the sincerity of the facilitators and the other participants.  Thank you, Joe, for your commitment to follow your vision.  Your attention to me prior to the retreat is so appreciated and my experiences through the workshop are invaluable.


S. F., Marshall, England: This was a truly experiential soul journey with a unique yogic and astropoetic flavor.  It gave me the support and inner courage I needed to go through the confusion and disorientation of uncovering my core wound.  I can still feel the empowering moment when my whole being, my own body, showed me how to shift out of fear and become more me. I now have a deeply embedded touchstone for that.  It was wonderful to see the other participants find their own shift points too.


N. E., St. Louis, MO: I would say that it was life altering.  I feel that strongly and I don’t say that lightly, perhaps because I’ve done some personal growth work before.  I was ready to heal – I’m extremely grateful for this past weekend.


S. H., Buckfield, ME:  Joe, what you have created in this workshop is sooo magical.  It not only helps us progress with our most difficult patterns, but it gave us a truly rare closeness as a group.  It was wonderful!


A. S., Almonte, Ontario: Thank you from the depth of my heart for “chopping the wood and carrying the water” for us all.  You are showing us the way.  This is cutting edge material for deep soul work and spiritual evolution.  You are a true gift!


K. K., Almonte, Ontario: Having someone create a container like this was phenomenal.  I appreciate the depth of wisdom and integrity of the teachings you offer to the world.  You are like one of those beautiful trees from Lord of the Rings.  Awesome!


M. J., Arnprior, Ontario: Another field planted and watered, nurtured and encouraged.  Beautiful, beautiful work.  This sacred ground we covered is going to change the way I walk through the world and that is going to change the world!


L. M., Ottawa, Ontario: Joe, thank you so much for the incredibly deep work that you guided us through and birthed us through during those few days.  I feel different inside and more surefooted on the outside.  What you do is so valuable.


S. W., Ottawa, Ontario: With gratitude, Joe.  I appreciate the holding of the space for our/my opportunity for spiritual growth.  A guide on my journey – invaluable.  Thank you from my heart.


V. G., Kanata, Ontario: I appreciate your vision and passion to assist so many of us in our personal growth.  Words alone are not enough to express my gratitude.


S. D., Kanata, Ontario: Joe, I appreciate your willingness to share your wisdom so freely and I am grateful to have been part of the workshop.


M. H., Parkenham, Ontario: Joe, I love your insight and how you help me to see things from a new perspective.  I am grateful for all that you are.  And I love your sense of humor.


H. J., Hartshorn, MO: Joe, thank you for the vision that you hold and share.  Also for the focused way you present information.


P. K., Media, PA: I appreciate the work you put into this workshop, and your being yourself, being real.


J. S., Birch Tree, MO: Joe, there really are no words to describe your brilliance in this workshop and all the others.  You truly create the possibility for us to shift our patterns and heal and make a difference.  Great job!  I’m already looking forward to next year.

To read more about my workshops, go here.



C. M., Palos Park, IL: I experienced a real sense of meaning rereading Seven Gates of Soul.  Perhaps it is so because I have studied Jung and Hillman and many others insightful beings since I first read your book. I felt like a missing link had been presented to me.

J. D., San Antonio, TX: It never ceases to amaze me how spiritual, mental, physical and emotional information flows forth from you! Your ability to synthesize it all is mind boggling and brilliant, and I love to be immersed in it.

B. R., Little Rock, AR: You are a gifted wordsmith, and your inspired work of connecting astrology with the chakras is just brilliant.

C. M. Palos Park, IL: Tracking the Soul is amazing.  The information on the chakras is so interesting.  I did get some prior insights from works by Jeff Green and Ray Grasse, but not to depth of your work.

C. G., Canonsburg, PA: Tracking the Soul is a book that needs to be read and re-read and then put aside for a bit and then read again. So much to glean from it, and so much to think about and through.  Your unique approach is so different from anything else out there it really fascinates me.  Although I have studied various forms of astrology for years, your approach has me starting all over again . . . but that is a very big compliment believe me.  Thank you for your dedication to your new paradigm and your superb writing.

K. E., Tucson, AZ: Your amazing knowledge and understanding, so richly and poetically articulated, is such a refreshing bounty to dive into again and again.  Thank you for being there, and here, on this earth plane, Joe.

B. H., Kennebunkport, ME: Your book is way beyond any expectation I had. I read your brief introduction and it brought tears to my eyes . . . An enormous flood of relief washed over me as I began reading your thoughts on the need for both scientific and poetic approaches . . . Your introductory chapter was like taking a hike with new eyes for a landscape I thought I already knew pretty well . . . The chapter on Zero was another soul expansion. I just hadn't thought of this leukemia I'm dealing with as a zero, but my early experiences were so spiritual and so positive, I finally have an archetypal context to fit it in with everything else. Your book is a gift.

H. G., Kailua Kona, HI: Your book is a winning combination of the known and the new. You’ve got an original whole system up and running, with good pithy references to your own chart, clear writing, original intuitive thinking, good public figure examples, logical presentation, and it’s making sense. Looks like a genuine Great Work. Congratulations!


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