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Tracking the Soul

With an Astrology of Consciousness


a treasure house of ancient knowledge from a modern psychological perspective

This book is a marvelously imagined integration between western astrology and Indian metaphysics. Joe Landwehr displays a wide-ranging mastery of the material and communicates it crisply and clearly to his audience. Readers interested in deepening their understanding of chakra theory in its application to astrology would do well to open this treasure house of ancient knowledge written from a modern psychological perspective.


Brad Kochunas, author of The Astrological Imagination: Where Psyche and Cosmos Meet


a fascinating and eloquent look the spiritual dimensions of astrology

Joe Landwehr's 'Tracking the Soul' is a fascinating and eloquent look at the spiritual dimensions of astrology. His take on the relationship between astrology and the chakras is original, and bound to stimulate further discussion on this important topic. Highly recommended.

Ray Grasse, author of The Waking Dream and Signs of the Times

one of the most interesting and intelligent astrological books I've seen in quite awhile


Tracking the Soul is one of the most interesting and intelligent astrological books I've seen in quite awhile.

Kyle Pierce, Matrix Software

ideas accessible in the language of ordinary human experience

Landwehr is an engaging writer. Tracking the Soul is both comprehensive and easy to read. He includes personal stories from his own life, which reflect his familiarity with the themes suggested by the chakras. Throughout the text, he makes his ideas accessible in the language of ordinary human experience.  Astrologers with an interest in yoga or subtle energies are the natural audience for this book. Landwehr is open-minded and writes to "facilitate an introspective journey." Although his system is quite specific, he ends the book with an invitation for us all to keep exploring how the chakra system may intertwine with an astrological chart. He views astrology as "a kaleidoscopic way of knowing" and a "language capable of mirroring complex realities."  Tracking the Soul is a distinctive addition to the work currently being offered by astrologers who are well versed in complex realities and are also able to write skillfully.

Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer, August/September 2012

a welcome and confidently recommended addition


Tracking the Soul is a welcome and confidently recommended addition to personal and professional Metaphysical Studies, Astrology and Spiritual Psychology reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

John Taylor, The Midwest Book Review

inspiring reading for astrologers of all levels

This excellent book describes the relationship of astrological symbols to the psychology of the chakra system. Joe Landwehr shows how the natal chart and transits become a basis for inner work and transformative yoga, helping us work through the emotional issues and energetic blocks associated with each chakra, to become progressively liberated on every level. Joe writes with heart and humor, focus and fire, drawing the reader into a deeper personal experience of astrology as a living spiritual philosophy and a tool for consciousness growth, This book is inspiring reading for astrologers of all levels. Highly recommended.

Greg Bogart, author of Astrology and Meditation: The Fearless Contemplation of Change


of all the books that I have read about astrology, Tracking the Soul is by far the best


Tracking the Soul With An Astrology of Consciousness by Joe Landwehr is fantastic! I am a professional astrologer and have been for over 28 years. Of all the books that I have read about astrology, Tracking the Soul is by far the best of them all! Joe Landwehr’s clear interpretation of the chakras is excellent and I love the way he teaches us all about the important different levels (koshas) of each chakra. . . . I can see how many healers and other body workers could greatly benefit from this information. . . . The personal case studies, the planets and their roles in triggering each chakra’s energy, understanding rulerships and aspects, and even describing which planets help to awaken the needed energy for each chakra totally amazed me. The astro-logic of the whole book, along with Joe’s writing style, kept me pinned to its pages. . . . For those of you with a deep passion for astrology who want to read a fantastic book about the soul/human consciousness of our lives balancing through our chakras, this is the book for you! Look no further.

Michelle Anne Cox Lomas, Reader Views

almost every page had on it something important or new


As a soul-centered astrologer reformed from the traditional ways of predictive astrology, I was thrilled to read this author’s second work, Tracking the Soul. His work is, once again, as in the first volume impeccably researched and referenced . . . As I read this book, I had in hand a pencil and a highlighter as almost every page had on it something important or new for me to link to further research I needed to do . . . This book is a must read for any professional astrologer seeking new ways to experience their own personal astrology and expanding their practice.

Jacquelyn Archer, Indigo Ray Astrology Inquiry

really gets to the heart of the matter


I was introduced to the world of astropoetics with Joe Landwehr’s book The Seven Gates of the Soul. This book opened my eyes to a whole new world. Before that point, like most people, I saw astrology as an interesting source of entertainment. The systems seemed so very rigid, complex, and impersonal that I couldn’t see how the stars could help me personally. The Seven Gates of the Soul and astropoetics changed my view. I saw this methodology mirroring much of what I had been taught in archaeology in regards to dichotomous views of the world. Through the author’s patient tutelage in this first book, I soon saw that astrology could be used in another way to create very personal interpretations of birth star positions. Tracking the Soul takes that beginning foundation and really gets to the heart of matters. Now I truly see astropoetics as a method of spiritual quest, basically interpreting my birth chart in a completely different and extremely personalized way.

Tami Brady, TCM Reviews

a rare gift that allows us to see ourselves without judgment


I have recommended your book to many people. I am not an astrologer, but love exploring the many patterns of the spirit. Astrology, or at least mundane astrology as it is often practiced in the west seems to be complete enough for most, but fell short for me. I not only like that you join the chakras to astrology, but how you've done so. You speak with an open heart, a rare gift that allows us to see ourselves without judgment, with both our positives and our challenges. I especially appreciate the concept that the energies of the planets are used differently by each individual and how you've linked this to the chakras.

E. H., watercolor artist


has the potential to launch you into orbit


Landwehr’s work is well researched and well cited. Extensive examples and case studies serve as drills for these concepts…. The excellent, provocative suggestions for planetary meanings have the potential to launch you into orbit…. Like some of the best literature on the subject of evolutionary astrology, this is a book to study, as it involves work, work some might consider fun. It encourages a personal commitment to raise awareness by nudging you to work your process, to break your default habit patterns and shift the paradigm of your life.

Paula R. Gassman, NCGR, Boston Chapter

you are bound to be enriched in the same way a trip to the symphony feeds the soul

(Joe Landwehr’s) ability to communicate is so extraordinary it took me several chapters to comprehend the scope of his scope and relax into reading his work. It's the difference between listening to a guy plucking on his guitar in the corner of a coffee shop and being in the room with a full-blown symphony orchestra, you have to adjust. But as I grew used to being stimulated on multiple levels simultaneously I became more and more appreciative of the author who manages to teach while being both spiritual and sober. He is also high-minded and deep. He is humble and confident and I was thrilled when midway through this ride (half-way through the book) he included his own chart like some kind of present that explained it all and I had to laugh. 'Tracking The Soul' is volume one in The Astropoetic Series, Joe Landwehr's lifework. You can get your copy direct from him at Ancient Tower Press and if you do you are bound to be enriched in the same way a trip to the symphony feeds the soul.


Elsa Panizzon,

Joe is an amazing scholar and author, creating something entirely new and fresh

I am reading Joe's wonderful book Tracking the Soul when I can't sleep in the wee hours of the night.  I'm learning a lot!  Joe is an amazing scholar and author.  He has the gift of synthesizing different systems and creating something in the process that is entirely new and fresh.


Genevieve Vierling,

Thank you, Joe, for being the real deal!

Joe’s unique background enables him to combine concepts and language from yogic philosophy with western Astrology. And he does this brilliantly. . . . . This is a great tool for an individual to learn about themselves and what they are focusing on learning in this lifetime – without any sense of prejudice. It is this level playing field view that I really appreciate about Joe. Much of my exposure to schools of spiritual thought and belief systems has been quite hierarchical in nature, with lots of groveling and such at the feet of the “masters”. Joe avoids stepping into this trap completely in this book and he unflinchingly uses his own chart and life to illustrate his points as well as charts of many other well-known individuals. Thank you, Joe, for being the real deal!


Diane Lang,

we, his readers, are the lucky winners

Once the definitive history of the last one hundred years is written, I suspect the dominant intellectual theme will be the collision/fusion of psychology and religion. The funky realities of our inner lives and the soaring glories of our souls’ potentials will emerge as interdependent and synergistic. The more deeply we embrace our humanity, the higher our souls climb - and the more we fear engaging with our juicy, crazy humanity, the more we become schizoid and shattered. Joe Landwehr’s book, Tracking the Soul, is smack on the cutting edge of this paradigm shift. He’s done his homework, both metaphysically and psychologically. And we, his readers, are the lucky winners.”


Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky, The Night Speaks, and Skymates


Best New Age Book of 2007, Reader Views Annual Literary Award

Finalist New Age/Metaphysics/Spirituality 2008 Ben Franklin Awards

Bronze Metal Winner - New Age(Mind-Body-Spirit 2008 IPPY (Independent Publisher) Book Awards

Finalist,  2008 Da Vinci Eye Award

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