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The Astropoetic School

of Soul Discovery

Where Your Life is the Classroom

About the School

Hanged Man

The Astropoetic School of Soul-Discovery is a smorgasbord of learning opportunities for anyone seeking to use astrology as an intimately personal language of self-discovery with which to more consciously approach their own soul's journey. 


The art of astrology is the basis for everything taught at the school, but the focus is on cultivating a deeper capacity to intuit the meaning of life's seminal experiences, as well as life taken as a whole - and in that pursuit, astrology is a means to an end, rather than the goal itself. 


For those who have little interest in the mechanics of astrology, the language itself becomes fairly invisible.  For those who wish to learn astrology, it is taught at the School within a larger context called astropoetics.

Astropoetics draws its inspiration, its rationale, and its imagery, not just from the astrological tradition, but from a broad range of sources, including but not limited to number, astronomy, mythology, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, the world of dreams, the perennial wisdom teachings from all traditions, poetry, literature, music, art, film, other dimensions of contemporary culture, and especially from the poetic nuances of everyday experience, both individual and collective.  


Each journey into the heart of a life is a unique adventure that essentially re-invents the vocabulary of the birthchart in language every bit as unique as the soul taking the journey.  Ultimately, astropoetics renders the astrological language more flexible, more broadly sourced, and more finely attuned to the individual.

The Astropoetic School does not train astrologers, although astrologers at every level of experience can deepen the understanding of astrology through exposure to the astropoetic perspective.  It is also a basic tenet of the School that self-knowledge is the prerequisite for becoming a good astrologer, capable of guiding others into a relevant understanding of themselves and their lives.  In this regard, the School provides an excellent foundation upon which all practicing astrologers and would-be astrologers can discover the internal reservoir of wisdom, born of personal experience, that they have to share with their clients and the world.

Where to Go From Here

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