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My Approach to Teaching

Your birthchart provides a map, and a timetable for the unfoldment of your soul's journey throughout a lifetime of experience, and that the symbolic logic of a birthchart ties this experience together into meaningful patterns. 


By studying astrology - by establishing an ongoing relationship of inquiry and observation in connection to the symbolism of your birthchart - it is possible to gradually penetrate to the heart of astrology's potential from a very intimate place of knowing. 


You can then use this self-understanding to address core issues with a heightened sense of attunement to your soul's agenda in this life, and chart a more conscious course toward the full actualization of your birth potential.


An Emphasis on Whole Patterns and Whole Cycles

From the very beginning of your study, you are encouraged to look to the pattern formed by your birthchart as a whole to establish an astro-logical context in which to make observations of your life process and evoke additional insights.

The core self, or soul that is seeking to evolve, is most clearly represented through a consideration of the whole-ness of the birthchart, and your birthchart will have its own internal astro-logic derived from the way in which it is arranged as a whole pattern.

To understand this internal astro-logic, you will learn how to observe your life astro-logically, over the course of whole cycles unfolding in relation to whole patterns.


Beyond Basic Astrological Symbolism

Any study of astrology necessarily begins with an exploration of basic vocabulary - the houses, signs, planets, aspects, and planetary patterns that weave together to form the birthchart as a whole.

However, the meaning that is ascribed to these basic symbols changes from individual to individual, and depends upon the consciousness that is brought to focus through them.

Rather than memorize lists of keywords in relation to each symbol, in this Course you'll learn to recognize how that symbol is actually expressing itself in your life experience.

Basic principles are introduced throughout the lessons, but only as the point of departure for a process of self-observation within which the real learning at the heart of our Course takes place.


An Emphasis on Self-Observation and Self-Remembering

The meaning to be derived from an astrological birthchart cannot be expected to reveal itself all at once. Only through a lifetime of observation, contemplation, and self-inquiry, will the symbolism gradually yield its secrets.

From this perspective, your chart can never be interpreted once and for all, but must instead be approached again and again, as a mirror within which to perceive the ever-changing nature of the journey and your relationship to it.

The journey of self-discovery unfolds not in chronological time, but in cyclical time, and it takes time for these cycles to complete themselves. At various critical points along the way, marked by the cardinal points of any cycle, it is possible for you to observe and experience the process in acute relief.

Ultimately, it is only by observing the life process throughout the entire series of key points in any given cycle, that the full meaning of the cycle and the related symbolism is revealed.


An Emphasis on Recognizing Personal Imagery

Related to Astrological Symbolism

Through observation and self-remembering exercises, you will gradually evolve a set of unique personal associations to the various symbols in your chart.  As you develop a relationship to these images, your experience of your chart will deepen and become a point of entry into a level of understanding not available in any book or any course.

Additional images may also emerge from dreams, movies, books, conversations with others, current events, and various synchronistic moments in everyday life.  The same patterns that reverberate symbolically within your chart are constantly revealing themselves in a rich smorgasbord of unexpected ways.

This course will encourage you to develop an intuitive sense of these images as they arise, so you can begin to perceive your life process and everything you experience in terms of the symbolism of your chart.  Conversely, you will also learn to recognize your life experience as an imaginative display of astrological symbolism revealing itself in ways that are ever new and perpetually provocative of self-recognition.


Learning to See and Feel the Whole Chart

At The Astropoetic School, the basic vocabulary of astrology is taught as a whole system of astro-logic. We study sets of symbols in relation to each other, and to the principles that tie them together, rather that as isolated bits of information to be memorized.

Each piece of the puzzle is defined, not just as a piece, but as an integral part of a larger whole pattern through which it derives its meaning. Through understanding the basic principles upon which traditional interpretations of astrological symbols are based, you'll be in a better position to intuit the meaning of those symbols in relation to real life experience, within the context of an actual birthchart.

Ultimately the chart is a living, breathing set of symbols that change in meaning as we grow in the consciousness we bring to them.  At The Astropoetic School, we emphasize that learning astrology is at heart entering a relationship with the symbolism of your birthchart,.  Within that relationship, you will learn to bring critical thinking skills as well as a carefully cultivated intuition to the mapping of correlations between your life and your birthchart.  Out of that ongoing exercise, will gradually evolve an understanding of and a fluency in the astrological language that will serve you well as a core life skill.

Where to Go From Here


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