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The Astropoetic School

of Soul Discovery

Where Your Life is the Classroom


The Astropoetic School workshops are designed to introduce non-astrologers to astrological truths without the burden of having to learn the language.  Instead the birthcharts of participants are used behind the scenes to design exercises addressing common themes and customize the experience for those attending.  Although the intent and scope of each workshop remains the same, no two workshops are the same. 


Astrologers are, of course, also welcome to attend, with the understanding that the purpose of these workshops is not to teach astrology, but rather to create an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth.  Those wishing to learn the astrological systems that provide the invisible scaffolding to these workshops are directed to our course offerings

Each of these workshops will be limited to 12 people to ensure an optimal balance of group interaction and individual attention.

Introduction to Astropoetics

Astropoetics is an experiential approach to astrology oriented toward exploring the sensory, emotional, and imaginal dimensions of a birthchart, as well as its more cognitive associations.  Within this approach, life itself becomes a rich repository of meaningful images and experiential metaphors, out of which a more deeply felt and richly poetic sense of meaning can arise.


While the purpose of the workshop is not to learn astrology, we will move toward a visceral experience of each participant's birthchart, out of which insights can spontaneously arise.  This fun workshop will incorporate music, movement, creative self-expression, storytelling, ceremony, and play to generate a sense of the birthchart as a living, breathing mirror to life in the moment.

In preparation for this 3-day workshop, participants will be invited to go on a sensory scavenger hunt, which will then serve as a foundation for further learning through self-discovery.

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Tracking the Soul

This 4-day workshop is is based on my book Tracking the Soul With An Astrology of Consciousness and is suitable for anyone regardless of their knowledge of astrology.  Although I will use the astro-chakra system presented in the book to help participants focus more clearly on specific life issues, the focus of the workshop itself is not astrology, but soul growth. 


At the workshop, we will not be using astrological language. Instead, this will be our opportunity to share our soul stories, learn from them and from each other. The workshop will also include authentic movement and other experiential exercises designed around common themes among participants to help move the energy of insight into the body where it can effect deep and lasting transformation.

A pre-requisite for this workshop will be a Chakra Pattern Overview and a 6-session Chakra Pattern Exploration.

Soul of Numbers

The Soul of Numbers is for those who have completed the Tracking the Soul Webinar class, and wish to go more deeply into the exploration of interchakra dynamics and the spiritual psychology of numbers as taught by Pythagoras and integrated with the birthchart.


Students will be taught to identify and work with number patterns in their own chart within a small webinar group, and to correlate these patterns with an opportunity for more consciously embodying divine intelligence.

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Where to Go From Here

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