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Astrology and the Archetypal Power

of Numbers, Part Two


an impressive intellectual tour de force

Which system holds the key to understanding the universe, astrology or mathematics? Planets or numbers? Probably the best answer is “Yes.” And in Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers, Joe Landwehr masterfully brings the two systems together in a kind of divinatory Unified Field Theory. His book is an impressive intellectual tour de force, with all the principles backed up by copious chart examples. I heartily recommend it!


Steven Forrest, master teacher, author of The Inner Sky


one of the most original works I’ve seen coming out of our astrology community

Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers (both Parts) is the work of a wise, hard-working, and resourceful person who has put much of his life-energy into using astrology to understand and guide others.  I especially appreciate his determination to go beyond self-actualization and look at how we as individuals participate in a larger world, and that the astrological chart can give indications how this can happen. Daunting and difficult as it may be, Joe Landwehr’s work deserves respect for its strong positive motivation and its great originality.


Joseph Crane, astrologer, Director of the Astrology Institute

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with an impressive list of works cited

Mr. Landwehr presents a perspective on astrology, numerology and soul that be of interest even to folks not interested in numerology and its applicability to astrology.  He does a very good job of deconstructing the modern materialist worldview that looks down on astrology, while also describing the the limitations of religious fundamentalism.  In his approach to astrology and numerology, Mr. Landwehr casts a wide net to capture support from contemporary psychology to quantum physics, and he does so in a thoughtful and intelligent way.  I was very thankful for an impressive list of works cited, presented at the back of the book along with an index.


Armand Diaz - review for Astrology News Service

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a genuine Great Work

Your book is a winning combination of the known and the new. You’ve got an original whole system thing up and running, good pithy references to your own chart, clear writing, original intuitive thinking, good public figure examples, logical presentation, and it’s making sense. Looks like a genuine Great Work.


H.G., astrologer

filled with many pearls of wisdom

This is an excellent book filled with many pearls of wisdom. Be prepared for a long, satisfying journey as you read and contemplate each page. Highly recommended.


Ray Merriman, astrologer/market analyst


by a master storyteller

This is an entirely new method of analyzing the birth chart. Joe illustrates each number realm with ample examples from real and famous people’s lives. He is a master storyteller in this regard, which is part of the enjoyment of reading his long and very detailed book.  His illustrations make the mathematical theories come to life and you begin to really understand this archetypal power of numbers that he is writing about.


Genevieve Vierling - astrologer/blogger


gratifying to read

Referencing many birth charts and attendant life stories, Landwehr writes about individual souls as well as the collective memories that influence the movement of history and specific world events. These examples are gratifying to read, since he tells these life stories with many quotations from biographical and autobiographical sources, and he places these world events into substantive historical context.


Mary Plumb - review in the February/March 2019 issue of The Mountain Astrologer


It tailors itself to the reader in a rare and special way

In this book, Master Astrologer Joe Landwehr weaves together streams of knowledge gained through decades of deep exploration and practice of astrology and numerology. His approach resonates with me, as I consider astrology to be, like poetry, a language of the soul. I tend to open a new book at random, like consulting an oracle to tell me what this work has for me. Vesta came forth, goddess of the sacred flame, one of several asteroid goddesses included. Right off, this spoke to my special interests in mythology and the cosmic feminine and made me feel at home. Though I’m not well-educated in numerology, Landwehr’s discussions on  planetary themes in the realm of numbers 1-9, engaged me at a new level,  offering new insights on the astrology front as well. Landwehr’s evocative phraseology reveals stimulating and useful insights on a variety of topics. This is one I keep handy to open up for inspiration, often ending up following a new trail—perhaps Pluto’s resonance with Five or its aspects with Pallas— made easy using his excellent, suggestive index, one of my favorite part of the books. Somehow Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers tailors itself to the reader in a rare and special way. I recommend you give it a read and find out for yourself.


M. Kelley Hunter, astrologer, author of Dark Moon Lillith


Your book is a gift - it brought tears to my eyes

Your book is way beyond any expectation I had. I read your brief introduction and it brought tears to my eyes . . . An enormous flood of relief washed over me as I began reading your thoughts on the need for both scientific and poetic approaches . . . Your introductory chapter was like taking a hike with new eyes for a landscape I thought I already knew pretty well . . . The chapter on Zero was another soul expansion. I just hadn't thought of this leukemia I'm dealing with as a zero, but my early experiences were so spiritual and so positive, I finally have an archetypal context to fit it in with everything else. Your book is a gift.


B.H., anthropologist/musician


Its love and dedication stagger the imagination

With or without Volume One under your belt, the amounts of love and dedication between the covers of this book stagger the imagination. It can open up new avenues of thought and interpretation numerologically, but is best used as a serious research tome for serious students, and it’s definitely not beach reading.


Michael Lutin - astrologer/performer

Expect to gain major insights into your chart

Landwehr writes clearly, but he'd never be accused of spoon-feeding. Expect to have to work with this material in order to understand it fully. This is a system that's meant to be used, not just intellectualized. And for those who work with it, expect to gain major insights into your chart.  Highly recommended for those . . . willing to take time.


Donna Van Toen - review in the December 2018 issue of International Astrologer

His brilliant method allows the purist form of the soul blueprint to shine forth

In Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers, Part Two, Joe Landwehr explains his brilliant method for bringing new dimensions to the birth chart by combining insightful astrological interpretation with his updated system of Pythagorian arithmology.  Adding this number system to the mix gives a deeper and more illuminating approach to the psycho-spiritual nature of the individual chart, and brings potentially hidden aspects of the personality into consciousness.  From there one is able to more effectively transform outmoded personality patterns and allow the purist form of the soul blueprint of the individual to shine forth.

Judith Corvin-Blackburn - author of Larger than Life:  Becoming the 5D Human You Were Meant to Be


A complimentary approach to numbers to others working in the field

The decimal system has had an enormous influence on how we think about numbers, and on our perception of the meaning of particular numbers.  Thus, I think that there is (in addition to working with harmonics beyond the decimal system) also value in the work of people who, operating within the decimal system, have studied the cultural history of our perception of numbers.  Among these people is Joe Landwehr, who has studied 'the spiritual psychology of numbers as implied in the teachings of Pythagoras', and has applied his findings to the study of individual birth charts.  Landwehr's conclusions about the meaning of particular numbers are different from mine, but I believe that his work can be seen as complimentary to my work (rather than in opposition to it), and that, in the long run, some kind of integration between the two approaches can be developed.

David Hamblin - author of The Spirit of Numbers and Harmonic Astrology in Practice

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