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Astrology in the Era of Uncertainty

a book of considerable breadth and careful reflection

Joe Landwehr is one of those rare individuals who, working independently and largely against the spirit of the times, has dedicated his life to the advancement of a field of study. Astrology in the Era of Uncertainty is a book of considerable breadth and careful reflection, illuminating astrology’s theoretical premises and purposes in relation to science, and demonstrating the author’s rich mythopoetic approach to astrological practice. What emerges from his work is a sense of intuitive wisdom, shaped by his own life experience and informed by a nuanced imaginative and intellectual engagement with the archetypal energies of the universe.


Keiron Le Grice, professor of depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute

author of The Archetypal Cosmos and co-editor of Jung on Astrology


meticulously researched

Landwehr's astrological tour de force moves step by step from the earliest human cultures, up through ancient and classic civilizations, and into the scientific present to trace interwoven, ever-changing, and often competitive theoretical cosmological strands of "objective meaning" and the possibilities for "individual enlightenment." Meticulously researched, his triumph is bringing all of this together in his own practice with the convincing and multi-faceted argument that each human "self" is a unique dimension, not merely an observer, of the cosmos.


Bethe Hagens, retired faculty mentor for Goddard College

an editor for Anthropology of Consciousness; and a reviewer for the Journal of Applied Hermeneutics


revivifying our sense of life in conscious relationship to the anima mundi


Landwehr's Astrology in the Era of Uncertainty provides a thought-provoking historical narrative to the various spirits that have moved through the art of astrology through the centuries. Defining astrology as "an attempt to understand and more consciously occupy our place in a larger, living cosmos" his book aids us in the task of revivifying our sense of life embedded in conscious relationship to the anima mundi.

Safron Rossi, core faculty in the Jungian and Archetypal Studies program at Pacifica Graduate Institute,

author of The Kore Goddess and co-editor of Jung on Astrology

erudite, poetic and revelatory - destined to become a classic

Erudite, poetic and revelatory, Astrology in the Era of Uncertainty offers a rich and detailed map to help us navigate an ever-more confusing and challenging world. In a book which is destined to become a classic, Joe Landwehr provides a series of anchor-points for the evolution of self and psyche, and an astropoetic guidebook on the examined – and the fully lived – life.


Sharon Blackie, author of the best seller If Women Rose Rooted and The Enchanted Life

a wonderful read

Astrology in the Era of Uncertainty provides a kaleidoscopic panorama of astrology and related fields, amplifying its relevance and indispensability for exploring the world now and in the future. In this book, author Joe Landwehr places astrological practices and our attitudes toward them into historical relief and examines other relevant psycho-spiritual traditions regarding their compatibility with an astrological worldview. The book skillfully and subtly operationalizes the Hermetic paradigm “as above, so below; as without, so within” for the reader, fulfilling Landwehr’s initial promise to relate our personal truth with the cosmos. A wonderful read!


Ken James, Jungian analyst

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