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Astrology and the Era of Uncertainty
Table of Contents

Front Matter

What People Are Saying About Astrology in the Era of Uncertainty

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Astrology's Sad Scientific Track Record

Gauquelin's Legacy

The Astrological Community's Ambivalent Embrace of Science

The Real Issue Underlying Scientific Research of Astrology

Astrology as a Participatory Sport

Multiple Astrologies Make for Superior Cloud Watching

Astrology's Kaleidoscopic Advantage

Leaving Science Behind

Why Astrology is Considered a Pseudoscience

Science's Reluctance to Do Boundary Work

Putting Our Quest into Historical Perspective

How Do We Know What We Know?


Part One: The Awkward Dance of Astrology, Science & Religion

Chapter One: The Direct Experience of Truth in the Mythopoetic Era


Participation Mystique


Participation Mystique and Archetypal Astrology


Participation Mystique and Mythopoetic Astrology


Mythopoetic Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness


Mythopoetic Astrology and the Roots of Language


A Matrilineal Embrace of the Archetypal Feminine

The Integration of Masculine and Feminine in the Mythopoetic Era



Chapter Two: The Intertwining of Astrology and Science in the Mystical Era


Divination, Intent and Recepetivity

Divination and Mysticism

The Mystical Roots of Eastern Religion


The Mystical Roots of Western Religion

The Gradual Transition to Written Language in the Mystical Era

Spoken Language and Whole-Brain Intuition

Spoken Language and Magic

The Socio-Political Impact of Written Language

The Origins of Astrology in the Mystical Era

The Confluence of Astrology, Science, Religion and Culture in the Mystical Era


Chapter Three: The Divergence of Astrology and Science in the Philosophical Era

The Milesian Evolution


The Rising Importance of Rational Argument in the Discernment of Truth




Aristotle's Philosophical Support of Astrology




Vettius Valens



The Roman Era


Chapter Four: The Ascendancy of Science in the Logical Era

The Role of the Church in the Split Between Astrology and Science


The Role of Islam in Preserving Astrology During the Reign of the Church

The Islamic Revival and the Primacy of the Imagination

Astrology and the Mundus Imaginalis


Marsilio Ficino


Chapter Five: The Dominance of Science in the Empirical Era


Galileo Galilei

Francis Bacon

The Incompatibility of Inductive Reasoning and Astro-Logic

Isaac Newton

The Misguided Quest for Scientific Proof

Objectivism Versus Eclectic Fertility

Reductionism Versus Synthesis Within a Context

Astrological Context

Living Context

Replicability Versus Interpretative Flexibility

Positivism Versus Metaphorical Possibility

Determinism Versus Poetic Exploration


Chapter Six: The Deconstruction of Science in the Era of Uncertainty

The Impossibility of Accurate Measurement

The Critical Role of the Observer in the Act of Observation

The Scientific Study of Astrology in the Ear of Uncertainty

August Comte

Probability and Statistics

Statistics in the Era of Uncertainty

The Limitations of Statistical Analysis

The Evolution of Qualitative Research Methodology

Science's Credibility Crisis

Science's Complicity in Spreading Mis- and Dis-Information

Charting Astrology's Course in the Era of Mis- and Dis-Information


Chapter Seven: Knowing in the Era of Uncertainty



The Changing Nature of Art in the Era of Uncertainty


Jacques Derrida




Jacques Lacan

The Postmodern Invitation

The Psychedelic Revolution

Consciousness and the Development of Language

Astrology as a Language of Consciousness

The New Age

New Age Perspectives on Science

The New Age as a Postmodern Phenomenon


Part Two: Astrology's New Landscape in the Era of Uncertainty

Chapter Eight: The Spiritual Foundations of Psychological Astrology


Helena Blavatsky

Blavatsky's Attitude Toward Science

The Theosophical Influence on the Development of Astrology

Alan Leo

Alice Bailey

Alan Oken

Rudolf Steiner


Elisabeth Vreede

Willi Sucher

The Work

George Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff and Astrology

Gurdjieff and Science

Rodney Collin

Dennis Elwell


Aleister Crowley

Crowley and Science

Crowley and Astrology


Chapter Nine: Psychological Astrology in the Era of Uncertainty

Depth Psychology

Carl Jung

James Hillman

Depth Astrology

Dane Rudhyar

Alexander Ruperti

Richard Tarnas

Astrology as a Postmodern Phenomenon

Astrology's Current Renaissance

The Upside and Downside of Astrology's Popularity in the Era of Uncertainty

Approaching Astrology as an Exploratory Language


Part Three: An Astropoetic Exploration of Psyche and Cosmos

Chapter Ten: Basic Principles of Astropoetics

Who Is It That Stands at the Astrological Threshold?

My Astrological Story

Cosmos is Self and Self is Cosmos

Walking the Path Between Self and Cosmos is the Journey of the Soul

Knowledge of Astrology is an Aid to the Journey, Not a Substitute For It

To Be Useful Astrology Must Illuminate What We Don't Already Know


The Origin of the Word




Fate Versus Evolutionary Opportunity

Signs Versus Symbols

Personality Versus Evolving Sense of Self

Causal Versus Relational Language

Alleviation of Suffering Versus Empowerment Within Suffering

A Living Example

Knocking on the Door


Chapter Eleven: Opening the Archetypal Eye

Astrology as an Innate Archetypal Language

Exploring Astrological Archetypes

Standing at the Threshold

Insights on the Threshold

Entering the Stories

The Near Rape at Cybele's Party

The Phallus in the Hearth

Hestia's Dual Birth

Hestia's Oath of Virginity

Controversy Surrounding Hestia's Place in the Greek Pantheon



Cinderella and the Cinder Biters

Calling in Vesta

The Queen of Wands

Opening Dialogue with a Living Archetype


Chapter Twelve: Getting Empirical

Astrological Empiricism

Exploring Vesta Empirically

Mapping My Vesta Returns

Taking a Cyclical History of Vesta Returns

Memoria as a Soul-Making Empirical Quest


Chapter Thirteen: Astrological Hermeneutics

Elaborating Archetypal Themes

Becoming a Cinder-Biter

Discovering the Fire Stick

Following a Golden Thread

Moving in and out of Liminal Space

Working at the Forge

Gestating Under a Cloak of Invisibility

Building a Temple

Becoming a Virgin

Recognizing Archetypal Presence

Taking an Awareness of Archetypal Presence Into the Present Moment

Astrological Hermeneutics

Two Complimentary Kinds of Hermeneutics

The Hermeneutics of Faith

The Hermeneutics of Suspicion

The Imbalance of Astrological Hermeneutics in Practice


Chapter Fourteen: Astro-Logic

The Logic of Astrology

The Logical Abstraction of the Zodiac

The Birthchart as an Archetypal Field

Entering the Archetypal Field of the Astrological Map

Vesta's Sign Placement

Vesta's House Placement

Becoming a Comfortable Minimalist

Vesta's Aspects to Other Planets

Vesta and Venus

Vesta and Jupiter

Vesta, Venus & Jupiter in the 2nd Chakra

Transits and Progressions to Vesta

Transiting Pluto Conjunct Natal Vesta


Chapter Fifteen: Examining Philosophical Assumptions

The Belief Systems Underlying and Influencing Astrological Practice

The Shaping Influence of Belief Upon Language

Asking Key Questions as a Point of Entry Into Your Basic Philosophy of Life

Pluto's Questions

Neptune's Questions

Uranus' Questions

Saturn's Questions

Jupiter's Questions

Mars' Questions

Venus' Questions

Moon's Questions

Mercury's Questions

Sun's Questions

Finding Your Own Seminal Questions

Vesta's Questions for Me

Becoming a Cinder-Biter

Discovering the Fire Stick

Following a Golden Thread

Moving in and out of Liminal Space

Working at the Forge

Gestating Under a Cloak of Invisibility

Building a Temple

Becoming a Virgin

Becoming a Comfortable Minimalist

The Art of Cultivating Astrological Koans

Using Outer Planet Transits as a Catalyst to Breakthrough Questions

Standing on Pluto's Precipice

Exploring Pluto's Function as an Agent of Transformation

Pluto Conjunct Saturn/Mars

Pluto Conjunct Neptune

Pluto Conjunct Sun

Pluto Conjunct Mercury

Feeling Pluto's Role in Vesta's Story

Pluto Trine Vesta

Pluto Square Vesta

Pluto Sextile Vesta

Formulating Questions for this Pluto Transit to Vesta


Chapter Sixteen: Entering the Archetypal Field as a Spiritual Practice

Approaching Astrology as a Spiritual Discipline

Namburbi, Magic and the Ongoing Work of Self-Transformation

The Work of Self-Transformation that Precedes Astrological Wisdom

The Work of Self-Transformation and the Saturn Cycle

The Work of Self-Transformation Understood as an Archetypal Quest

Approaching My Work with Vesta as a Spiritual Practice

Becoming a Cinder-Biter

Discovering the Fire Stick

Following a Golden Thread

Moving in and out of Liminal Space

Working at the Forge

Gestating Under a Cloak of Invisibility

Building a Temple

Becoming a Virgin

Becoming a Comfortable Minimalist

Opening to this Current Pluto Transit

Articulating My Spiritual Path in Allegiance to Vesta


Chapter Seventeen: Getting Intimate with the Cosmos

The Method to My Madness

Opening the Archetypal Eye

Astrological Hermeneutics

Orienting Within an Archetypal Field

Finding a Worthy Quest

Cultivating a Spiritual Practice

Participating More Fully in a Living Cosmos

Courting Vesta

Going Home

Entering the Defenseless Heart

Taking Astrology Back to Its Mythopoetic Roots

A Final Word


Postscript: My Pilgrimage to Bride's Mound

My Experience of Brigit in Glastonbury

Differentiating Brigit and Hestia

Bride's Mound and Well

Back Matter



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