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Focused Awareness

October 2016

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There are many ways to approach shifting a chakra pattern – and to pursue the journey toward healing and wholeness. But the real secret at the heart of all strategies for shifting patterns is simple awareness. Focused awareness harnessed to clear intention is what shifts a pattern. That is why, in this class, we are working toward deepening your awareness of your patterns. This is not just an intellectual exercise. If you are doing it correctly, it is mostly about creating a powerful platform for self-transformation built on increasing awareness.

If there is something in your life that seems problematic, or painful, or out of balance, or out of focus, or in some other way, not quite right, or not quite what you want it to be, then it can be useful to identify which chakra patterns in your chart correlate with these patterns. Once you have identified the pattern, you can work to become more aware and more conscious of what the pattern actually is, why it exists, how it functions, how it limits you, and what the potential is for shifting it into a more positive, creative, empowering expression.

Often when a pattern is problematic, it is because we actually don’t see the pattern clearly. We might know that something feels off; we might even be able to identify the immediate trigger to those feelings – but the deeper underlying pattern that is being triggered, and that feels bad, eludes us. Or we get locked into a certain way of seeing it that allows no room for change. Mostly, the pattern remains unconscious, or at least subliminal. Most of the time it will be like a splinter in your finger that you ignore as long as you can, going about your day, hoping it will just work itself it out. Then, at some point, you will feel a sharp pain, and be motivated to go and get the tweezers.

Let’s face it. This is how most of us go about our lives. It is human nature. The bad news here is that when we are in acute pain, we are generally not at our best, and this may not actually be the best time to work with our patterns. The catch-22, of course, is that when we’re not in acute pain, there is less motivation to do the work. So what I am asking you to do in this class is a bit counterintuitive, and if you are not feeling some resistance to this work, then you have probably not found the pattern that is yet ripe for healing.

This resistance arises from the simple fact that when we do enter into this exploration of our patterns – to the extent that they harbor wounding, they will also harbor pain. No one really wants to go there.

So we protect ourselves. One primary way we do that is to go unconscious in relation to the pattern that is giving us trouble. On a conscious level, we may find a way to rationalize our predicament, or a way to work around it, or cope with it, but we never really go to the heart of the matter, unless we set a clear and determined intention to dig up what we have buried and look at it again. “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but where there is pain and suffering, or imbalance, or something not quite right, then it is worth digging up the pattern, dusting it off, revisiting it, and looking again. Sometimes what gets buried for a very long time grows in value – like a rare archeological find. So who knows, but that some of the painful patterns may be ready to reveal their hidden treasure, or the silver lining, or their blessing in disguise.

Not all of your patterns will be ripe for transformation, but some of them might be. Outer planet transits and major progressions act as triggers to patterns, and when a pattern is being triggered by one or more of these factors, then that means it is available to be worked on. When it is not being triggered, it does not necessarily go away, but it will generally be more dormant. When it is being triggered, there may be some fresh pain, but there will also be a fresh opportunity to become more conscious, and to make a new set of choices in relation to something that has become unconscious and automatic.

So that is the work, regardless of which pattern you are working with or seeking to heal.

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