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What to Do with the System

May 2015

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Now that you have the system, you are probably wondering, what can you do with it. Basically, three things:

1) If you take any natal chart, and analyze it according to the system, you will have a pretty good idea of where consciousness will tend to be focused by default in the life of the native. I say “by default,” because the natal chart is only the point of departure for a life-long journey through which each of us is destined to learn and to grow, and hopefully through our learning and growth, gain the capacity to expand our repertoire and our consciousness from the default. The natal chart does show how we are wired, and where we will tend to function during times of stress. Times of stress, indicated by transit and progression, will also be opportunities to expand our repertoire and grow.

2) The second thing you can do with the astro-chakra system is to analyze transits and progressions in order to understand more clearly what the opportunity for growth actually is. Sometimes transits and progressions will amplify a chakra pattern that is already strong in the natal chart. In other situations, however, a given planetary trigger might counterbalance the natal tendency and offer an opportunity to break the pattern up or expand its range. At still other times, a transit or progression can trigger a pattern that is only latent, that is to say, not fully formed, but partially formed waiting for some third factor to complete it.

By using the astro-chakra system to analyze transits and progressions you can better understand what the opportunities for growth and expansion of your default repertoire life is offering you in the moment.

3) Similarly, but less abstractly, you can use the astro-chakra system to better understand your life experiences. When something seemingly significant happens to you, you can see what is being emphasized in the alignment of transiting planets and natal chart. Sometimes the most significant alignments are not the major transits you would expect, but something seemingly minor that comes along at just the right moment to complete a pattern. The astro-chakra system can provide valuable clues about the nature of these experiences, and the opportunities they present for growth in consciousness.

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