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Fourth Chakra Patterns on a Sun-Moon Base

November 2016

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Fourth Chakra Integration

A 4th chakra pattern begins when at least two of these four sensitive planets are in aspect to each other. Whenever any two planets are in aspect, there is a process of integration going on between them. They are learning to work together in some way. With hard aspects this is generally harder, and with soft aspects this is generally easier, but within any chakra pattern, the soul work is about integration, and regardless of what the pattern is, this integration ultimately takes place in the heart.

What we want to look for then are recognizable aspects between any two of these 4 inner planets – Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars. Depending on which two planets come together, the dynamics in the 4th chakra will acquire slightly different emphasis, and involve slightly different soul tasks. The end goal again is to become a loving presence within the world, a radiant soul force, and a source of compassion, healing, and betterment of the world, through entering into deep, intimate relationship with the world. But there are many dimensions of this, and many possibilities – which I want to talk about in the remaining posts of this blog series.

Sun – Moon

If the base for the 4th chakra pattern is formed by Sun and Moon, the emphasis is often on building a solid 1st chakra base of safety, security, and psychic sanctuary, which then extends into the world as a gift to others.

With a Sun-Moon opposition in my chart as the basis for a number of interlocking 4th chakra patterns, I feel like I have been working all my life to create such a base, not so that I can just disappear in my retirement – although sometimes I would like to – but so I have the freedom to do my work, as a gift to the world, rather than as something I need to do to make ends meet, or build my empire, or rise to grand heights of fame and glory.

It’s not that these temptations do not occasionally enter into my way of understanding what it is I am doing, from time to time – especially if the wounding beneath one of my interlocking chakra patterns kicks in. But from the perspective of the 4th chakra, it is not about that at all, and after a lifetime of working on myself, I am better at seeing it that way. It is easier to see it that way, and when I do, there is a kind of peace that transcends any feelings I have when people drop out of a workshop, or no one buys my books, or something else triggers my wounds. I still go to this place of wounding – more often than I would like – but my access to the 4th chakra, heart-based version of what is going on, seems to get stronger with age.

The next post in this series is Other Sun-Based Fourth Chakra Patterns.

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