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Milky Way

Into a Mars-Pluto Portal

December 2009

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Blog Posts

I’ve had in mind to begin this blog for a while, but haven’t actually been able to clear my deck until just recently. As the space to write my new blog emerges, I find myself at the beginning of three new astrological cycles. Having just past my 60th birthday two days ago, I am experiencing a solar return. Since my natal 12th house Sun is conjunct my Ascendant, I am also experiencing the beginning of a new cycle in the Sun’s annual transit through my houses. Of much more interest to me, however, as I sit down to write the first installment of The Sky is My Mirror, is the new Mars-Pluto cycle also beginning now.

This transit is of interest to me, in part, because it is what I call a triple-pass transit – in the metaphorical realm of life-changing transformations, perhaps not unlike triple bypass surgery, although I confess, I have not yet had that particular pleasure. In any case, a triple-pass transit begins with a direct pass, after which the transiting planet goes retrograde, transits the natal planet a second time, goes direct, and transits again a third time. Some astrologers call these moments exact hits. I prefer to think of them as stages of successive deepening. Whatever is introduced during the first pass shows its wounded underbelly during the second pass, then gropes toward healing in the third pass. Or at least, that is the theory. What we will do in this series of blog postings is observe and see what actually does happen, at least within the subjective context of my own experience.

In this instance, what we are looking at – allowing a 1° orb for tight observation – is a first pass from November 29 – December 11; a second retrograde pass from December 29 – January 9, 2010; and a final direct pass from May 11 – 18, 2011. In this first pass, I am looking to see what themes, issues and questions arise for my deeper consideration, and what sort of portal I am being offered by life.

This series of blog postings will include the following installments:

Into a Mars-Pluto Portal (this post)
Looking for the Sacred Activist Within
A Dialogue About Violence
My Chronic Mars-Pluto Angst
My Personal Mars-Pluto Story
Putting Your Question to the World
Taking Out Your Teeth Before Going Into Battle
Falling Down Into the Bottomless Well of Compassion
Questing for Common Ground
From Violence to Compassionate Strength

The next post in this series is Looking for the Sacred Activist Within.

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