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A Real-Life Example

May 2015

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To this point in the series, I have been laying out the bare bones conceptual groundwork for the astro-chakra system. But rather than talk about this in the abstract, let’s take a real-life example and see how this might work. Since my work for the last 15 years has emphasized the use of astrology for self-understanding, I will use my own chart to demonstrate how the astro-chakra system can be used to facilitate growth and understanding.

The strongest pattern in my chart is a mutable t-square formed with a Sun/ Mercury-Moon opposition at the base and a Saturn-Mars conjunction at the apex. Sun/Chiron is in the 12th house just above the horizon, Mercury is in the 1st house, Moon is in the 6th just below the horizon, and Saturn/Mars in the 9th. Of these placements, only the Moon sits in a classic position as a 1st chakra planet. The rest are hybrid placements.

The Sun is in a 1st chakra position opposed the Moon, so there is some indication here that this is a 1st chakra aspect.

The Sun’s square to Mars suggests a 3rd chakra pattern. Since Sun is also square Saturn, which is conjunct Mars, this suggests a 3rd chakra pattern of deficiency.

The Sun is also conjunct Mercury, which sits in a classic 3rd chakra position and is tightly square primary 3rd chakra player Mars.

Putting all this together, it seems plausible to suspect that this t-square is a hybrid 1st-3rd chakra pattern, somehow bringing together survival issues and the challenge of finding my place within the world.

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