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Astrology, Dreams and Animal Totems

June 2010

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Blog Posts

In the first two posts in this series, I have been exploring the premise that interpretation of the symbolism of a birthchart from the traditional standpoint is really only the point of departure for an astropoetic exploration that goes much deeper than that. The exploration begins by identifying sensory and emotional correlates to the experience of a given transit to the natal chart – in this case, a natal Mercury-Mars square being triggered by transiting Mars conjunct natal Mercury and square natal Mars. It then extends to the identification of a pattern, which can be tracked through a cyclical history of similar transits. The pattern, however, is only the conscious portal to a deeper underground pool of meaning and resonance.

In this post, we will wade into this pool to see what else we can discover.

The next post in this series is Animal Symbiosis as a Model for Approaching Difficult Astrological Aspects.

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