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Supplementing Astrology
With the Chakra System

May 2015

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I personally have found no model of consciousness more useful than that provided by the chakra system, extracted as a system of spiritual psychology from yogic tradition. In addition to my nearly 40 years as an astrologer, and my training in western psychology, I also studied extensively in my 20s with both Yogi Bhajan and Swami Muktananda, and my understanding of the chakra system comes primarily from these studies. When you combine astrology with an understanding of the chakras, you have a truly useful tool for tracking the soul that I refer to as the astro-chakra system.

From a yogic perspective, each chakra can be associated with a physiological system – eliminative, reproductive, digestive, etc., an endocrine gland, and a nerve plexus. Of greater interest to us here, we can also associate each chakra with a particular orientation toward life, encompassing various sets of psychological issues, life challenges, and opportunities for growth.

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