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The Chakra Signatures

May 2015

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Having clarified that any planet can function through any chakra, we can also make the suggestion that certain planets will more likely point toward certain chakras, when they are appropriately placed within the birthchart. We will discuss what it means to be appropriately placed in a minute.

First, let’s consider each chakra in turn, and make a few assignments. I don’t have time to go into a great deal of detail here in my reason for making these assignments, but in my book, I do. The important thing to note here is that when one or more of the planets associated with a given chakra are in mutual aspect to each other, we have what I would call a classic chakra signature, meaning that issues and challenges related to the chakra in question are likely to be emphasized in the life of the individual soul.

I spell out the astro-logic of these classic signatures in great detail in my book, and apply them more specifically to individual birthcharts of participants in the workshop. Here I would just like to give a sense of some of the thinking behind the idea.

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