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The Participatory Experience of Astrology
Is Not Predictable by Science

July 2010

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As astrologers, we take the participatory nature of reality as a given. Given that both astrologer and client are conscious beings, the experience they share together in exploring the birthchart of the client must necessarily be participatory, and will depend upon the consciousness that each brings to the interaction. But science currently has no way to measure this participatory dimension of the astrologer-client exchange.

The research scientist is not prepared to consider either the astrologer or the client as participants in a process. When we approach our work as scientists, we are only allowed to function as neutral observers, and to consider our clients only as objective reflections of their birthcharts. I would venture to guess that most of us would find this approach to our work hopelessly constrictive. Yet this is what astrology cast in a scientific mold would require of us.

Most astrologers would probably make a distinction between research and counseling practice, suggesting that the practicing astrologer is free to use the results of research as it seemed appropriate within the context of a specific counseling session. Fair enough. But then we must also ask ourselves what good is research, if it fails to take into account the fact that each client is a unique individual, thoroughly infused with subjective nuance, receiving the supposed benefits of research in a participatory relationship with the astrologer? This is a legitimate question, not just for astrologers, but also for psychologists and for that matter, anyone in a helping profession.

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