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Putting Your Question to the World

December 2009

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In the midst of the beginning of this new Mars-Pluto cycle, I had made the decision to spend my birthday with my partner, Sara, at a romantic getaway in Eureka Springs, a small tourist town about 3 1/2 hours from here. A day or two before we left, I had read something interesting in a book by Robert Moss, called Conscious Dreaming. I had become interested in Robert Moss’ work, after Sara had stumbled upon it, and shared a link to his website with me. This past year, Sara and I have become increasingly interested in dreamwork and shamanic journeywork as a pathway to internal guidance. Robert Moss combines both in his approach to dreams.

In particular, two days before our trip to Eureka Springs to celebrate my birthday, I came across these passages, about “putting your question to the world,” outlining a practice for approaching waking life as though it were a dream:

Shamanic dreamers recognize that waking life is also a dream, and that the world will speak to us in the manner of a dream, if we know how to attend to it.

. . . Just as shamanic dreamers recognize dreams as real experiences, they play close attention to the symbolic meaning of the incidents and patterns of external reality. “As within, so without.” Everything has meaning, everything is related.

. . . As you become more alert to the play of synchronicity around you, you will learn to use coincidences, as well as dreams, as navigational tools in daily life.

… the tools of divination are all around us: in the flight of birds, in a chance encounter, in a snatch of a stranger’s conversation overheard on the street. The world speaks to us in many voices, in the manner of dreams. These voices often seem a cacophony, because we persist in dismissing messages that defy linear sequence and logic. You have a better chance of collecting your messages from the world – as from your dreams – if you can create a frame for synchronicity that will bring events into focus. The easiest way to do this . . . is to find the question you need answered now. . . , carry your question into the world, . . . (then) read the sign language of the world.

Sara and I decided to do this on our trip to Eureka Springs, using the trip as a frame for synchronicity within which our questions could be answered. My question was the same posed earlier: “How can I more effectively deal with those who feel threatened by my words, or my actions, or simply feel some need to oppose me for whatever reason?”

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