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December 2016

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To recap, chakra patterns that resonate in the 4th chakra start with an integration between – signified by an aspect between one of six combination of inner planets: Sun and Moon, Sun and Venus, Sun and Mars, Moon and Venus, Moon and Mars, or Venus and Mars. The pattern is then completed by mutual aspects between these two planets and an outer planet with affinity for the 4th chakra – Jupiter or Neptune, or sometimes the asteroid Juno. Other outer planets that form an aspect to a 4th chakra base can sometimes create a more complicated, ambivalent, or conflicted planetary dynamic of the heart.

Ultimately all healing is a matter of opening the heart, and an open heart is the heart of the matter and the ultimate goal of any healing process. This makes the 4th chakra central to the entire approach to healing that is encompassed by the astro-chakra system – as presented in my book Tracking the Soul and applied in intimate detail to the charts of participants in my Tracking the Soul Webinar Series.

If you are ready to pour your heart and soul into your own healing process, and use your knowledge of astrology to bring loving attention to your core patterns and issues, the webinar class may be for you.

This is the last post in this series.

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