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Jupiter in the Fourth Chakra

December 2016

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Jupiter, on the other hand, naturally facilitates an opening, and an expansion. There is a natural buoyancy to Jupiter, as well as a generosity of spirit, an altruistic bent, a desire to include and celebrate life that fits well with a heart-centered worldview. The phrase, “my cup runneth over” is a description of Jupiter in the 4th chakra.

There is also a very strong progressive spirit to Jupiter that facilitates a natural expansion, increased opportunity, and the fulfillment of creative promise for everyone. It’s the idea that all are welcome at the bountiful feast, and there is plenty for everyone.

Before Zeus assumed his position as the chief deity within Greek mythology, he had to earn his spurs by dethroning his father Cronus – or Saturn. The rest of Zeus’ siblings – including many of the other gods and goddesses in the Greek pantheon – had been swallowed by Kronus (Saturn), who feared that they would usurp his power. Zeus set them all free, and then waged a ten-year battle against Kronus and his allies, the earlier generation of gods known as Titans.

Through this battle, Zeus made possible the evolution of Creation. He cleared away the obstructions and opened a space in which all of life could thrive. After a long stretch of gloomy darkness, the sky cracked open, and the fertilizing rain fell to the earth, allowing all things to bloom. This is what happens when Jupiter works through the heart. No one goes hungry; no one is left behind; hope is kindled; and spirits run high. There can be a natural sense of leadership here, as the person who has a strong 4th chakra pattern involving Jupiter – especially Jupiter/Sun – is in many ways a natural born leader.

Sometimes when Jupiter kicks in as part of a 4th chakra pattern, there can also be a bit of that impulsive Fool in us, ready to leap over that cliff with deep trust in the ultimate buoyancy of life. Sometimes we do fall on our face. But life is for living, and the heart is for opening. That old song . . .

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”

. . . is a description of how Jupiter functions at its best in the 4th chakra. Or as an old mentor used to say, “You’ve got to dance your dance full out – and not hold anything back.” If you’ve ever done that, you know that this can be a heart opening experience.

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