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Other Sun-Based Fourth Chakra Patterns

November 2016

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Sun – Venus

With 4th chakra patterns built on Sun-Venus aspects, the task is essentially an integration of either the 1st and 2nd chakras, or the 2nd and 3rd. Opening the heart here is a matter of relaxing enough into challenges and difficulties that they start to become creative opportunities, and/or finding a way to do what you love and love what you do. Either path will work to expand your 4th chakra radiance, and deepen your sense of being in relationship to the world, which turns out to be an absolutely fascinating place, once the veils are lifted.

In addition to a Sun-Moon base, I also have a 4th chakra pattern formed by a Sun-Venus base in my chart – a semi-sextile between Sun and a Venus/Jupiter conjunction in my 2nd house. This is in stark contrast to my more serious and more wounded patterns, which can be pretty serious stuff. One of the infuriating messages I got from my father growing up was that I was too serious, and I should try to enjoy myself more. Well, it only took me 50 years or so, but I finally realized he was right, and when I can lean into that, my heart opens, and when I can open my heart, I’m able to tumble playfully down the mountain posed by my more serious patterns, instead of catapulting over the edge, and catching every sharp rock on the way down.

Sun – Mars

4th chakra patterns involving Sun and Mars involve integrating the 1st and the 3rd chakras. This is a way of opening the heart that involves becoming so adept at negotiating the world and so secure within yourself that a natural generosity of spirit blesses the world in some way. Sun-Mars people are generally doers that get really good at what they do – or at least that is the best-case scenario. When that happens, this in itself becomes a gift. We all appreciate excellence, and when excellence is accompanied by a selfless desire to be of service, to make a contribution, to share one’s gifts with others, then this becomes a winning combination that can open the heart – both of those who give, and of those who receive. This is where a soul on fire knows how to light a match and change the world.

Of course, what I am describing here is the pathway to an opening of the heart. We all know that many obstacles arise to that opening. There may also be some preliminary work to be done before the heart is ready to open. If there are still fears or insecurities in the 1st chakra, or a lack of confidence or competence in the 3rd chakra, this 4th chakra possibility of excellence and self-less service never quite materializes. You can’t light a match and change the world, if you are afraid of matches, or if your matches are wet and soggy.

With a Sun-Mars square serving as the base for a 4th chakra pattern in my chart, I have had to mount a steep learning curve, cultivate a certain base line of confidence, competence, and ability to make my way through the world, as nasty and brutish as it can sometimes be. I have also had to confront many fears – born of an incident at age 3, when I was beat up after climbing a pile of ashes in my grandfather’s backyard. This 1st chakra experience nearly killed me, and has continued to serve as a metaphor throughout my life about a felt sense of danger in climbing any mountain. To rise to any level of excellence at all in doing what I do, I have had to find the strength of heart to feel these fears, and do it anyway.

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