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The Tracking the Soul Workshop

May 2015

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Based on Yggdrasil Founder's book of the same name, Tracking the Soul is an experiential workshop, integrating the exquisite spiritual psychology of the seven chakras with an intimately personal, image-based approach to astrology called astropoetics. The workshop brings the provocative theory of the astrochakra system into real life application in relation to core issues brought by participants.

The workshop provides each participant with ample opportunity to be the loving center of group attention, while allowing plenty of alone time for integration. To supplement our work with astropoetics, the workshop includes experiential exercises in authentic movement and other experiential modalities designed to illicit our own inner knowing and bring it to the fore.

Included with this workshop are three preparatory lessons designed to help each participant identify core issues in their birthchart, determine which issue will be the focus of the workshop, and work out the relevant time frame for tracking the soul story related to the outworking of this issue in real life. The workshop itself will be our opportunity to share these soul stories, and learn from them and from each other.

About the workshop, one 2012 participant said:

"The concept is brilliant: Working on your core issues in a beautiful and powerful setting. Eating vegetarian food. Bringing in exercise and meditation to complement it. It was the first time that I really sat down and thought of my life in that way and it was helpful."

Another 2013 participant said:

"I would say that it was life altering. I feel that strongly and I don’t say that lightly, perhaps because I’ve done some personal growth work before. I was ready to heal and I’m extremely grateful for this past weekend."

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