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The Birth of the Shining One


Table of Contents

Foreword by Ken Carey

Introduction: Dancing the Dance of Post-Apocalyptic Jubilation

1.    Toward the Birth of the Shining One

2.    On the Journey Across the Chasm of Light

3.    The Quest for Stable Identity

4.    From Crucified to Crossmaker

5.    Relinquishing Sandcastle Mentality

6.    The Grand Re-mapping of Reality

7.    Melting Frozen Images

8.    Reclaiming the Eyes of Innocence

9.    Trading Small Identity for Entry to the Mystery

10.   The Revelation for the Etheric Blueprint

11.   Stepping Stones of Safe Passage

12.   Shedding the Anthropomorphic Illusion

13.   The Primal Art of Letting Go

14.   Moving Beyond Apocalypse

15.   Claiming the Freedom of the Christ Spirit Within

16.   Retaming the Trickster

17.   The Testing of Allegiance to Divine Intention

18.   Walking the Fine Line Between Pioneering Focus and Surrendering to the Rhythm of the Whole

19.   The Healing Balm of Interconnectedness

20.   Heeding the Call to Service

21.   The Changing Nature of the Power Game

22.   Building a Vibrational Web of Planetary Protection

23.   Reaching Toward Divinity in Human Form

Epilogue: Planting the Stargarden

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