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Full Moon Meditations


Table of Contents


Section One: Skylight Series

From Cirles to Cycles: Up the Magic Spiral to Our Freedom

Satchitananda: Through the Jungle to Truth, Awareness and Bliss

Beyond Astrology to Kosha and Chakra: A Dual System for Therapeutic Evaluation

The Therapeutic Process: Creative Journal Work and Sadhana

Section Two: Full Moon Meditations

By the Light of the Full Moon Rising

Attunement to Divinity

Two Realities

Solving the Riddle of Existence

Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

Higher Purpose in Relationship

Empowered Identity Revealed

Celebrating Uncertainty

Following the Path with Heart

Reclaiming Our Instinctual Nature

Moving Through Abandonment

Accessing Alternative Realities

Entering the Heart of Creativity

Trading Small Identity of Mystery

Standing Anchored in Individual Truth

Knowing with the Body


The Song of Crooked Tree

Radical Trust

The Sacred Breath

The Far Shore Invitation

Calling the Shadow Home

The Unbroken Circle

A Doorway No More

Healing the Primal Wound

The Play of Miracles

Stopping the World

When the Heart is Full

Saying Yes to Life

The Empty Zone

Following Dharma

Conscious Anger

Getting Off the Bandwagon

Cleaning the Mirror of the Heart

Moving Beyond Mother's Love

The Warrior's Doorway

Cutting Away the Spider's Web

The Primordial Healer

The Celebration of Differences

The Lightning of Opheukos

Mapping With the Body

Returning to the Body's Leadership

The Wisdom of the Trees

Stepping Around the Vortex

Unexpected Mountain Meadows

The Return Journey

The Holy Moment

Walking the Call of the Soul

The Ubiquitous Bloom of Truth

Dialogue Between the Voices

Invitation to the Elder's Circle

The Magician's Knot

The Raven's Joy

Gathering Unlived Fantasy Threads

Walking in Balance

Surrendering to the Creative Flow

The Colliding of Light and Dark

The Last Days' Dawning

The Descent

The Red Dragon

More Than Three Bean Bags

Into the Heart of the Yellow Flower

A Prayer in Thanks for Rain

A Hard Look in the Planetary Mirror

The Fusion of Light and Dark

Listening to the Hum of Creation

Section Three: View From Redwolf Mesa

Opening Invocation

Redwolf's Message

Hiding From the Wind

The Long Dance

Through the Looking Glass

Final Prayer

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