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For Librarians

Order 3+ books and receive a 20% discount

As a Fair Trade Publisher, Ancient Tower Press encourages readers to support their local libraries.  Libraries have long been a tremendously valuable community resource – a meeting place where avid readers and books capable of feeding human curiosity, imagination, and need for practical information come together in an ongoing celebration of the written word.

Since the advent of the digital age, libraries have in addition become multimedia centers, providing computer access, music, film, and audio books, as well as old-fashioned print resources.

Ancient Tower Press wants to encourage this free-flowing exchange of information, and in turn to encourage libraries to support more actively the authors and small publishers who enrich their collections with the spice of new ideas and brave experiments in pushing the envelope of our collective knowledge.

We understand the convenience of one-stop shopping that drives libraries to form relationships with large wholesalers, and digital library projects promising easy access to everything in print.  Such services, however, often effectively leave the author and the publisher with the smallest piece of the pie – a pie that would not exist were it not for them.  In some cases, digital library projects may even infringe on existing copyright laws.  Large corporations often do this, because they know that most authors and small publishers do not have the resources to secure their rights against their own bottomless pockets.

For these reasons, we would like to encourage all libraries instead to consider ordering their books directly from the publisher, wherever possible.  It takes a little more effort, perhaps, but at the end of the day, you will feel better about lending an extra level of support to those whose creative efforts are the lifeblood of the collection you offer to your patrons.

Setting Up a Library Account


Ancient Tower Press is happy to make its books available to any library willing to order directly from us, rather than Baker & Taylor, Ingram, or some other a library wholesaler.  Setting up an account with Ancient Tower Press is easy, and we will work with you to make your business relationship with us a pleasant experience.

Single book orders will be at regular retail prices, and you will be responsible for shipping.

For orders of 3 or more books, Ancient Tower Press will offer any library a 20% discount with free shipping.

Library orders can be composed of more than one book in the Ancient Tower Press catalog – e.g. 1 copy each of The Seven Gates of Soul, Tracking the Soul, and The Archetypal Power Of Number, Part One
, ordered at the same time, constitute a library order of 3 books.

Payment for retail orders must be made in advance through Ancient Tower Press' online shopping cart.  Once the order has been confirmed, the relevant discount will be applied and refunded through Paypal.


Ancient Tower Press reserves all digital rights to its work.  Libraries that wish to make digital copies of Ancient Tower Press books available to its patrons must make negotiate this with us as a separate arrangement.

If you any questions or just wish to make contact before placing your order, you can email Ancient Tower Press here.

Once a business arrangement is established between Ancient Tower Press through 3 or more library purchases, terms can be arranged – generally for not more than 30 days, and always contingent on timely payment of the first invoice (included in the shipment).

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