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For Retailers

Order 3+ books @ 20% discount OR 6+ books @ 40% discount

ATP pays shipping for 6+ books

Ancient Tower Press welcomes a business relationship with any retail bookstore that resonates with the principles of Fair Trade Publishing.  Beyond the bottom line – which is of course important to any business – independent publishers and independent bookstores share a love of books for their own sake.   Fair Trade Publishing principles attempt to level the playing field so that a love of books can at least compete with the bottom line as the motivation for publishing.

Unlike large commercial chains and corporate publishers, independents at the supply end of the book trade have a common interest in making quality books available to their customers – not just commercial best sellers, but books of special interest and value, that have something important to say, that are capable of changing the culture in which we live, and that are at the cutting edge of the fields in which they circulate. Independent publishers such as Ancient Tower Press are willing to live at the cutting edge of their field, and provide books of exceptional value, while Fair Trade Publishing practices make it economically feasible for them to do so.

Ancient Tower Press realizes that it is easier and more convenient for you to do one-stop shopping with the wholesale distributor of your choice.   But by ordering your books directly from the publisher, you support an environment within the book trade that is conducive to creating the kinds of books that you yourself would most likely prefer to read.


Setting Up a Retail Account

Setting up an account with Ancient Tower Press is easy, and our terms are most likely comparable to what you are getting now.

For orders of 3 or more books, Ancient Tower Press will offer you a 20% discount; for order of 6 or more, you will receive a standard 40% discount.

Retail orders can be composed of more than one book in the Ancient Tower Press catalog – e.g. 1 copy of The Seven Gates of Soul and 2 copies of Tracking the Soul, ordered at the same time, constitute a retail order of 3 books at the 20% retail discount; 3 copies of Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers, Part One and 3 copies of Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers, Part Two
, ordered at the same time, constitute a retail order of 6 books at the 40% retail discount.

Payment for retail orders must be made in advance through Ancient Tower Press' online shopping cart.  Once the order has been confirmed, the relevant discounts will be applied and refunded through Paypal.

If you any questions or just wish to make contact before placing your order, you can email Ancient Tower Press here.


Once a business arrangement is established between Ancient Tower Press through 3 or more retail purchases, terms can be arranged – generally for not more than 30 days, and always contingent on timely payment of the first invoice (included in the shipment).

Ancient Tower Press pays shipping on retail orders of 6 or more books; you pay shipping on less than 6 books

Ancient Tower Press does not accept returns.

To read more about our Return Policy, go here.


We will gladly promote all Fair Trade Retailers who agree to these terms and establish a business relationship with Ancient Tower Press to our own customers.

Additional Opportunities for Retailers

Ancient Tower Press is also interested in supporting Fair Trade Retailers by scheduling events such as book-signings, readings, lectures, and possibly weekend workshops – all of which will bring more customers into your store, and likely result in additional business for you. 

Retailers willing to sponsor a book-signing, reading, or lecture will receive 50% of all book sales during the event.

Retailers willing to sponsor weekend workshops will receive 10% of the net profit for the workshop in addition to 50% of all book sales during the workshop.  You or any employee of your store wishing to attend will receive a 20% discount on the cost of the workshop.


Setting Up a Retail Account
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