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For Reviewers

Authors and publishers love reviews.  Even bad reviews generate publicity, and can arouse curiosity about a good book.  Controversy can be good.  In general, the more reviews the better. 

Ancient Tower Press has gotten great reviews for all its books, and has converted more than one reviewer from skepticism or ignorance of the astropoetic arts to open-minded wonder.  I welcome genuine inquires for review copies of my books and am glad to accommodate all requests.

Having said this, it is also a principle of Fair Trade Publishing that when a reviewer asks for a review copy, it is only right that he or she actually produce a review as promised.  I have sent out numerous requested review copies and gotten only disrespectful silence in return. 

I realize that popular review outlets are often swamped with books that they have limited time and staff to review.  But if you request a copy, you are signaling the author and the publisher that you do, in fact, have the time, interest, and intention of giving the book serious consideration. 

Therefore, when you request a book from Ancient Tower Press for review, I will ask the following of you in return:


If this is your first request for a review copy of an Ancient Tower Press book, I will ask you to buy it.  Upon meeting the rest of these requirements, your purchase price will be cheerfully refunded.

In your request, please let me know where you plan to review the book, and what your relationship is to the review outlet.  If you have tear sheets or links to previous reviews you have written, that would also be helpful.

Upon receipt of the book, I expect a short email letting me know you have received it.  In this email, I would also appreciate some idea of when you think the book might be reviewed. 

Before the review is finished, I would appreciate an advance copy, so that I can correct any factual errors.  I am also happy to make myself available through the review process to answer any questions, or shed additional light on anything that might be unclear.

Upon publication, I expect notification and either a tear sheet if the review is in print, or a link to the online review.


When all these requirements are met, I will refund your purchase and shipping costs.  Once you have successful met  our requirements for the review process of one book, future review copies will be sent on a complimentary basis.  As long as you continue to respect these reasonable requests to be kept informed of your progress with the review, we will return our respect to you.

I look forward to a long, mutually satisfying relationship with you, and thank you for the service you are providing to our readers.


If you wish to request a review copy, you can email me here.

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