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For Wholesalers

Order 12+ books @ 55% discount

ATP pays shipping

The American Heritage dictionary defines wholesale as 'the sale of goods in large quantities, as for resale by a retailer'.

In recent years, the word wholesale has been redefined by the online book trade to mean 'drop ship retail'.  The publisher ships books to the online retailer at a wholesale discount, often one or two at a time, generally pays postage, and is paid only if and when a book sells.  Payment for sales made online can be delayed for as much as 90 days.  This arrangement results in maximum profit and no risk to online retailers, and minimal profit and no guarantees of an actual purchase for the publisher.

According to the principles of Fair Trade Publishing, Ancient Tower Press will offer wholesale discounts only for the purchase of large quantities.


Setting Up a Wholesale Account

Setting up an account with Ancient Tower Press is easy, and our terms are most likely comparable to what you are getting now.

For orders of 12 or more books, Ancient Tower Press will offer any wholesaler a 55% discount and we will pay shipping.

Wholesale orders can be composed of more than one book in the
Ancient Tower Press catalog – e.g. 6 copies of The Seven Gates of Soul and 6 copies of Tracking the Soul, ordered at the same time, constitute a wholesale order of 12 books.

Payment for retail orders must be made in advance through Ancient Tower Press' online shopping cart.  Once the order has been confirmed, the relevant discounts will be applied and refunded through Paypal.

If you any questions or just wish to make contact before placing your order, you can email Ancient Tower Press here.


Once a business arrangement is established between Ancient Tower Press through 3 or more wholesale purchases, terms can be arranged – generally for not more than 60 days, and always contingent on timely payment of the first invoice (included in the shipment).

Ancient Tower Press does not accept returns.

To read more about our Return Policy, go here.

Wholesale Accounts
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