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School Policies

I honor your participation in the Astropoetic School, knowing that it is a serious commitment of your interest, time, and money, and that there are many other options available to you for astrological study. 


I believe the Astropoetic School is unique in the amount and quality of individual attention provided each student, as well as in course content.  The astropoetic approach to astrology taken by the school is not something widely available elsewhere, and is carefully designed to lead each individual student onto their own path of learning.  In general, it is my intent to match the energy level and depth of participation exhibited by each student, and like most things in life, you will get as much out of your study at the School as you put into it. 

Because the School is oriented toward facilitating a process of self-discovery and personal growth, as well as teaching astrology, your participation at the School may challenge you from time to time in more than purely academic ways.  If and when this happens, I will be available to talk about these challenges, and may make extracurricular suggestions, including but not limited to additional reading materials, private consultations (goes to EXPERIENCE: Consultations) or referrals to other healing practitioners.  You are, of course, free to take these suggestions or not, but it is expected that you are as interested in your own soul work as you are astrology, and that you will at least consider what I have to say.


If at any time, you decide the course you have signed up for does not meet your needs - and we can't work something out that is mutually agreeable - you will receive a pro-rated refund for any lessons or classes not taken, minus a $60 administrative fee.

If, for example, you leave the Basic Course after four lessons, the pro-rated refund would be $340 (2 lessons remaining x $200 per lesson - (minus) the $60 administration fee).  If you leave the Tracking the Soul Webinar Class after the third class, the pro-rated refund would be $960 (17 classes remaining x $60 per class - (minus) the $60 administration fee.


My Guarantee to You

I intend to work hard to provide you with the highest possible quality of education in the astropoetic arts, and do not expect refunds to be an issue.  If there is anything unclear to you about School policy, please email me before beginning the Application process.

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