For Students

All students of the Astropoetic School of Soul-Discovery (goes to EXPERIENCE: Astropoetic School) are expected to read The Seven Gates of Soul within the first year of their study with The School.  The Seven Gates of Soul outlines the philosophical basis for the astropoetic approach to astrology presented in the lessons.

All students in the Tracking the Soul Webinar (goes to EXPERIENCE: Courses: Tracking the Soul Webinar) are expected to read Tracking the Soul.

All students in the Soul of Numbers Webinar (goes to EXPERIENCE: Courses: Soul of Numbers Webinar) are expected to read Astrology and the Archetypal Power of Numbers, Part One and Two.

For additional books recommended by the Astropoetic School, go here (goes to EXPERIENCE: Courses: Recommended Reading).

Student Perks

Students who sign up and pay in full for the course they are taking (or the first year of the Astropoetics Basic Course (goes to EXPERIENCE: Courses: Astropoetics Basic Course) will receive a free copy of all required books.

All students of the School will receive an additional 20% discount on other books published by Ancient Tower Press for as long as they remain actively enrolled in any course.  Payment must be made in advance through Ancient Tower Press' online shopping cart.  Once the order has been confirmed, the relevant discount will be applied and refunded through Paypal.

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